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Vape pens are a clean, discreet and safe way to smoke your favourite cannabis without combustion. With just the press of a button and a deep inhale, you are on your way to enjoying the flavourful vapour in distillate or oil. A portable and convenient form of consumption, vape pens are available as disposable units or rechargeable with replaceable carts and have a lifespan of up to 220 smooth puffs. With vape carts available in a wide variety of flavours, strains and potencies, all that’s left to do is choose.

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Vape pens are another method of enjoying your cannabis without combustion. A button is pressed on the vape, vaporizing a THC distillate or oil that you inhale. 

Vape pens are available as a battery/cart combination where the battery is rechargeable and you replace the cart once its consumed. There are also disposable vape pens where the whole device is disposed once consumed. Vape pens typically contain 0.5ML of distillate or oil and can last up to 220 puffs depending on length of pulls and temperature.

A vape cart is a pre-filled cartridge containing THC distillate or oil. The carts are available in different strains and strengths. Most carts use the industry standard 510 connection and can be used with any vape battery with a 510 connection.

Like with all cannabis products, taking the proper dose is always something to consider. When compared to smoking cannabis, it will take more time to feel the effects. Give at least 10 minutes after your initial dose before trying a second puff of your vape. The distillate in vape pens is stronger then the THC found in cannabis flowers.

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