Chosen for their myriad cerebral and physical effects, impressively high THC levels, and AAAA+ craft cannabis qualities – these mighty pink craft cannabis doesn’t disappoint.

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Product Spotlight: Potent Pink Craft Kush

Product Spotlight: Potent Pink Craft Kush

Product Spotlight: Potent Pink Craft Kush

This week we shine the spotlight on three hand-selected, pink craft flowers. Chosen for their myriad cerebral and physical effects, impressively high THC levels, and AAAA+ craft cannabis qualities – not to mention fun names too! – this mighty pink trio doesn’t disappoint.

Are these buds pink coloured, you may ask? No, not exactly.
Are their flavours and aromas delectably sweet like cherry and berry candy? Oh, yes indeed.
Will these pink weed strains help achieve deep relaxation, giggling happiness and blissful calm? You bet!

We humbly introduce to you the ultimate trilogy: Pink Runtz, Pink Death and Pink Goo.

Pink Runtz by Enigma Extracts

Pink Runtz

Ideal for summer’s long days and warm nights, Pink Runtz by Enigma Extracts can be enjoyed on the lake, around the barbeque or in the comfort of your own patio. With a rare 50-50 balance of indica-sativa, the Pink Runtz strain boasts potent THC levels, soothing away stress, mood swings and even nausea. Depression and hard-to-kick fatigue are also relieved.


This hybrid craft flower is created in various ways: as a phenotype of the world-renowned Runtz strain, a Rainbow Sherbet X Pink Panties cross, or Zkittles X Gelato cross. The resulting sour cherry candy aromas and sweet berry flavours culminate in full-on fruitiness and bring upon a cerebral buzz and tingly physical relaxation. Mental negativity and bodily pains are expelled and replenished with an unfocused, euphoric high that blissfully fills your entire being.


Happiness begins from your very first toke of Pink Runtz.

Pink Death by Terpyvibes

Pink Death


Recommended for evening enjoyment and death-like slumber, Pink Death by Terpyvibes is a hybrid cross of Pacific Northwest favourite, Pink Kush, and the indica-dominant, Death Bubba. A craft kush that is uplifting yet simultaneously calming, it is perfect for passing around the campfire under starry skies. The powerful THC range of up to 30% delivers intense sedation while helping with anxiety, depression, insomnia and physical inflammation.

Upon your first puff, you will immediately recognize a bouquet of the parents’ dank woody aromas (Pink Kush) and earthy pine scent (Death Bubba). A slow toke on the candy sweet nugs unfurls you into relaxation after a long day in the sun, uplifting you into giddy and giggly euphoria, and eventually carrying you on clouds into the deepest sleep you’ve had all summer.

Expect a strong case of the munchies from this pink weed strain.

Pink Goo by Terpyvibes

Pink Goo


Another dank bud for when the sun goes down is Pink Goo by Tepyvibes. Our third and final flower is also a descendant of the popular Pink Kush, this time crossed with Afghan Goo – or as we like to call it “Afgooey”. An Indica-dominant hybrid to enjoy in the golden glow of a summertime sunset, this potent bud is known to help with chronic pains, migraines, insomnia, as well as ADD and ADHD.

Pink Goo is candy sweet like berries, with an unmistakable earthy nuttiness that reveals itself with each exhale. Your journey begins with an intense euphoric high, with spirits lifted to soaring heights. Progressively, your mind and body wind down to a state of sleepy and peaceful relaxation. As an exclusive and small batch AAAA+ craft cannabis, Pink Goo is undoubtedly an EZ Weed favourite.

Potent and gooey, nutty, and dank, sweet dreams are coming your way

Potent, Pink & Delivered to Your Door


Which pink craft kush will you try today? Can’t decide because they all sound equally as dope? Our Craft Cannabis Mix & Match means you can experience all three (and more) affordably, discreetly and all summer long. With new products just in and regularly added, ordering cannabis online with EZ Weed means you get the freshest and best craft weed in Vancouver and across Canada.

Delivering throughout the country, from Vancouver to Calgary all the way to the east coast of Toronto and Montreal, our trusted online dispensary can quickly answers the question of “where to buy craft cannabis?” – leaving you with more time to enjoy some dank ‘pink’ bud.


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