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(11 customer reviews)

Grade: AAA

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC Content: 26%

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It is an Indica dominant species with a ratio of 60% indica to 40% Sativa. Love Potion #9 is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created as a cross of the classic Northern Lights #5 X Love Potion #5 strains. This bud has a powerfully high THC level of up to 26% and a taste that will make you fall in love with it again and again. The Love Potion #9 flavor is confusingly delicious – it has a milky sweet cheesy base with a hint of sugary mango and grapefruit upon exhale that sweetens with each smoke. The aroma is very much the same, with a sweet cheesy fruity smell with a hint of spicy earth. Love Potion #9 has an insanely powerful effect that hits you immediately in the back of the head, leaving you instantly stoned and completely couch-locked. As you fall into a deep state of introspection, a creeping euphoria will work its way over you, giving you insane waves of creative uplifted energy and focused motivation that completely counteracts the state of couch-lock.


Flavors: Cheesy, Honey, Sweet, Grapefruit

Aromas: Cheese, Earthy, Mango, Sweet, Grapefruit

Recommended use: Nighttime

What to expect: Cerebral, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Sleepy, Sociable, Giggly

Known to help with: Anxiety, Stress, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, PTSD

Notable Facts: Love potion #9, as its name suggests, is ideal for use with that special someone to improve lovemaking because it causes improved sexual urge in users. It was created from a crossbreed of Love potion #5 and Northern Lights #5 by unknown breeders. Because of its well-balanced effects and its high THC level, Love Potion #9 is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, chronic anxiety or stress, inflammation, and insomnia or night terrors.


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11 reviews for LOVE POTION #9

  1. rankindriver

    rankindriver (verified owner)

    Very nice works well as it say

  2. Jonkop

    Jonkop (verified owner)

    Nice flavour super tasty!

  3. 6Buds

    6Buds (verified owner)

    4/5 beautifully grown Indica dominant bud. Good trim on nugs, crystals solid, pungent. Wrap this up in an unbleached unflavoured paper to respect the taste! Complex taste as it says cheese, gas, grapefruit!

  4. ClaytonW


    I think it is an amazing smoke will get again

  5. william.tremblay

    william.tremblay (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 different AAA strains and this one was clearly my favorite. Great taste. nice looking buds with lots of trichomes. I love the high as it buzz you real good without making you a zombie. Will definitely buy again

  6. Pirate

    Pirate (verified owner)

    I loved its buzz and very surprised at the taste I did not expect it to taste … very good

  7. wyatt.dececco

    wyatt.dececco (verified owner)

    Used this strain for my cooking, and had really great effects, and got me super high, although I used more then the recommended amount for my butter!

  8. MarioB

    MarioB (verified owner)

    Great for daytime gives a good buzz

  9. william.tremblay

    william.tremblay (verified owner)

    Great Buzz! Good for daytime toking. Nice looking buds and great smell.

  10. Frank

    Frank (verified owner)

    The description matches perfectly. Such a unique flavour but in a great way that makes you keep wanting more.I bought 3.5g and they gave me just over 4g on scale witch is a nice little addd bonus.

  11. Muffy

    Muffy (verified owner)

    My favourite! Nice balanced buzz!

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