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Name: Maple Melts Solvent-Free Live Rosin – Golden Berry (45-120u)

Category: Solventless, Concentrates, Rosin

Maple Melts come in 1 Gram Jars

Golden Berry (60% Sativa) – An explosion of fruity goodness. The nose on this dab will have your mouth watering, and bring back childhood memories of the sweetest berries you’ve ever tasted.

On the inhale you will get a sweet berry flavour with grape undertones on the exhale.


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Live Rosin is the most natural and cleanest form of cannabis extraction. We start with fresh buds, frozen right from harvest. We then extract the trichomes from the buds using a combination of ice and water to make Bubble Hash. Once we collect the trichome heads we want, we freeze dry the bubble hash to take out all the moisture.  Now its ready for the heat and pressure to melt and squeeze out the resinous sap. There are no additional solvents or chemicals used to extract the THC, CBD and Terpenes from the flowers. This makes it a much safer alternative to shatter or other concentrates that are extracted by solvents, for anyone that might be sensitive to solvents or don’t want even a trace amount in their extracts. Our extraction process uses lower temperatures to help the Rosin retain more of it’s natural terpenes.


Maple Melts believes in providing you a single source craft rosin. We use a state-of-the-art press and high quality extraction bags to create our exclusive cannabis extracts. The flowers are sourced from our own small batch, boutique garden. The flowers are grown specifically for Maple Melts to ensure consistency in our products. This ensures we use the highest-grade cannabis available to provide you with the cleanest, most flavourful inhale you are looking for.


Our process only contains four elements. Ice, water, heat and pressure. No solvents like butane, propane, nitrogen, alcohol or CO2 are ever used in our extraction process so you can be sure that you’re not inhaling anything but the natural ingredient of cannabis.


Our rosin is highly concentrated. It is much more potent than smoking the flowers in the traditional way. A small amount of our rosin will put you well on your way to being medicated.


Our clean and solvent-free process will provide you with a potent result. Each inhale is extremely smooth and flavourful. Just like the natural terpenes from the original flower.

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