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Grade: AAAA+

Type: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica

THC Content:  25-28%


This stuff is BEAUTIFUL, UNBELIEVABLE and in VERY bomb. Quad City Collective has quickly become recognized as one of the top craft producers in Canada in the last couple years. Their coveted strain The White Death raced to the forefront of favourites among Canadian cannabis connoisseurs. The flower structure is very compact and dense; the impactful colours range through bright greens, hues of oranges and stark purples. The taste palette exhibits a complex earthy flavour, and the exhale contains notes of sweetness, which is often a sign of top echelon Kush that has been cured to perfection.

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mail order cannabis  90% of our orders are delivered in up to 3 business days, Canada wide. Discreet packaging
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Strain Details (Genetics, Terpene Profile and Bud Structure)
Say hello to one of the best Canadian cannabis strains. The White Death was cultivated in Vancouver by premium craft growers Quad City Collective. It burst onto the scene only a couple years ago. It may have come into the game late, but it’s certainly here to stay. The genetics of The White Death are shrouded in mystery because Quad City didn’t want other cultivators copying their trademark strain. Regardless, it is widely accepted among cannabis connoisseurs that The White Death carries genetics of RockStar and Bubba Kush, or perhaps a combination of both.

The buds of The White Death are small and dense, although some of the cola buds are fairly large. The flowers display a fabulous array of colours. These include hues of deep purple and bright orange, which contrast the dark green flowers. The buds are sticky, because of the expansive coating of trichomes. The terpene profile is something truly unbelievable. When it’s fresh, The White Death absolutely stinks of gassy fuel with a sweet vanilla finish. Its flavour comes through magnificently on the smoke. The White Death truly represents west coast gassy indica strains to the fullest.

Potency + Effects
You can expect incredible levels of potency from The White Death, as a result of the advanced cultivation techniques that produce such a fine crop. The literal blanket of trichomes covering the flowers are packed full of cannabinoids, so it’s no wonder The White Death consistently tests higher than 25% THC. Her high levels of the terpene myrcene result in a very quick onset of effects. You will feel the effects while you are still smoking or vaping The White Death. When you’re finished, the effects will have you up in the stratosphere. The initial pulsing cerebral high will gradually melt into a full body stone that is both relaxing on the body and calming on the mind.

Best Use (Medicinal + Recreational)
The White Death is a favourite among the medicinal and recreational communities because of it’s visual beauty, excellent nose and quick onset of effects. The medicinal user may seek The White Death to help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders. If you’re a recreational user, here’s that top shelf gas you’ve been looking for. Best suited for the afternoon or evening use, The White Death has become a staple top shelf indica in our arsenal. It is sure not to disappoint even the pickiest cannabis connoisseur.


Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Gas, Skunk

Aroma: Gas, Earthy, Skunk

What to expect: Uplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed, Sedated, Happy

Recommended use: Daytime/Evening

Known to help with: Depression, Lack Appetite, Stress, Pain

Weight N/A

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  1. Atlin

    Atlin (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this one, really solid high. Really helped with my stress during the evenings, helping me unwind after a pretty rough day.

  2. Frank

    Frank (verified owner)

    This stuff is perfect. Will not disappoint.
    Soo glad I grabbed an ounce

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