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“First time I tried Boost Vape Cartridges. This is super tasty and very convenient. WIll order again for sure!”
VAPE PEN $25.00
“works just fine and charges fast. Satisfied customer”
BUY EZ Weed Terp Sauce Purple Candy Online
EZWEED TERP SAUCE - PURPLE CANDY $40.00$170.00 “flavors, flavors, flavors... Never been a big fan of concentrates as you can't taste anything but THC...but this live resin...Wow. Must try!”
Buy Mix and Match Oz 7g x 4 EZ Weed Online
Mix and Match Oz (7gx4) $130.00 “I used to snob the AA strains thinking I could not go under AAA. Boy was I wrong! You got to give those AA strains a try, many of them I liked better than some AAA and AAAA strains. Super good deal!”
Buy Marys Medibles Sativa Bunnies - 300MG EZ Weed Online
“I usually go for the indica teddies but decided to give the sativa bunnies a try. Very impressed. Nice mental high perfect for daytime activities. Mary's Medibles delivering great products again”
Buy Marys Medibles Westcoast Teddies - 300MG EZ Weed Online
“300mg pack. High potency & great taste. Great bang for your buck”
THIN MINT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES $20.00$130.00 “Dense trichomes frosted buds with tints of purple. I just love the taste. Thin Mint GSC is a must try”
“I use this to relax my soared muscles after sports. CBD Gummies + Hot baths will surely extend my hockey beer league career.”
ORANGE APRICOT $20.00$130.00 “Sweet citrusy orange taste. Very well balanced hybrid. No couch locked effect but still potent enough for an indica lover.”
Buy Buudabomb Watermelon EZ Weed Online
“First time I was trying a Buddabomb product. Delicious and effective. Will definitely try other stuff from this brand”
ROCKSTAR BUBBA $20.00$40.00 “I always loved this strain. Gives me a good cerebral high followed by a relaxing sedating effect. A+”
BLACK ICE $130.00 “Looks just like the picture. Dark purplish nugs covered with trichomes. Great buy!”
CITRIQUE $21.25$153.00 “Well trimmed buds with delicious citrus scents. Perfect for daytime”
STINKY PINKY $25.00$180.00 “Strong but good taste. loved the high. Will make the whole house smell. Good stuff”
WHITE WIDOW “Classic Strain and EZ nailed it, as usual.”
PINK PICASSO $40.00$130.00 “First time I try this Pink Picasso strain... I have to say I'm quite impressed with the quality. Will definitely order more”
MASTER TUNA $20.00$130.00 “Great value for your money. Had to double check if it was really classified as a AA strain after trying it. High potency indica. Well done EZ”
STRAWBERRY LEMONADE $21.25$153.00 “My kind of lemonade! well balanced hybrid with no punch in the face feeling. Good looking nugs.”
MAGIC MELON $25.00$95.00 “Nice looking buds. I really love the taste and smell. Will definitely order more”
CHERRY GORILLA $25.00$180.00 “Great quality, high potency. Strong stuff. I recommend!”
BLUE HAWAIIAN “Smooth good taste sativa. No couch locked feeling. Perfect for daytime activities”
GELATO GLUE “As previously mentioned, it classifies as a hybrid but I like to smoke it nighttime as it does give you a couch locked effect. Helps me sleep and relax.”
PURPLE TRAINWRECK (POPCORN SALE) “Well balanced strain with enough potency for a good body high without the punch in the face effect that you'd get from some high potency Indica. EZweed got me used to perfectly trimmed buds so I have to say this one was a little rough. Apart from that I enjoyed this strain.”
SLURRICANE $21.25$153.00 “Dense powdery buds perfectly trimmed. I give 4 out of 5 because I'm personally not a fan of its smell and taste but don't get me wrong this is good powerful weed! I recommend you try it”
CHOCOLOPE “I had already tried Chocolope strain before but never from EZweed and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I usually enjoy Indica better but this Sativa is just perfect for daytime. Strong enough to give a regular stoner a buzz while keeping a good level of energy.”
DANK SINATRA $21.25$42.50 “Big dense buds, well trimmed with a very enjoyable scent. I guess this strain is very popular with Boomers as it reminds them the good old times when Sinatra was as famous as Bieber. In fine, even though I had to share some with my Dad cause of its cool name, this strain is great and I recommend it at any age....above 18.”
CEMENT SHOES $21.25$153.00 “This strain is aptly named as it does exactly what you'd expect from a strong indica. I did not try to swim afterwards but I would do it under surveillance XD. Will order again”
SOUR DIESEL “Looks even better than the picture. Nice taste and smell. Great Sativa buzz.”
“1st time I try this brand. Good price, good taste, good deal!”
PINK DEATH STAR BY PACIFICBUDBOYS “Craft weed is always expensive but you get what you pay for with this strain. Perfect density , burns slowly and clean. Top notch weed. PacificBudBoys know what they're doing.”
Buy EZWeed Rolling Tray Online
“Nice little weed tray. My girlfriend loves it as I don't leave weed everywhere on the tables anymore. It feels solid and of good quality. Worth the price”
Buy EZWeed Grinder - Black Online
“Got this one with their 4/20 promo. It looks good and it works perfectly. I recommend”
WHITE DREAM $51.00 “Great taste, awesome smell, nice looking buds very dense. Great hybrid overall”
“Slight aftertaste but very reasonable for 20mg/pieces. Peach flavor is a classic! Love it!”
Buy EZWeed Grinder - Gunmetal EZ Weed Online
“Should have bought this grinder long time ago! Grinders you get for this price in smokers shops are usually low quality and won't work as well as this one. Looks good, works perfectly, I recommend!”
Buy Karma Chocolates Ruby Shroom Bar 4000MG EZ Weed Online
“100% satisfied customer. This is great stuff! And I just love the packaging!”
“Taste so good, it's almost dangerous. Took only one piece (1/4 of the bar) and it was enough for a nice little trip so good deal!”
WEDDING CAKE “Wedding Cake has a nice sweet taste. Nice dense buds with orange hair. Good quality as always”
DEATH VALLEY OG INDICA “Good powerful indica high. Great for relaxing and pain relief. Love this strain!”
HAWAIIAN COOKIES “Hawaiian Cookies is looking great. Big and dense buds. Good smell good high. Once again, very impressed with the quality of AA strains”
PINK BUBBA “Very good price for this quality. Good stuff!”
GRAPE KRUSH “Wasn't too optimistic when I got it as the buds were small, looked ok but not great. Gave it a try and was not disappointed! Very good for sleep indeed”
“I was skeptical at first because of the price (40$) for a 4 pieces bar. Took only one piece to try it and it was enough for a nice little trip. Taste is so good, couldn't tell the difference with "normal" chocolate.”
LSD X CHEESEQUAKE $21.25$153.00 “Very relaxing. Gives you a good high but no anxiety, probably because of its high level oh CBD. I like to smoke it on poker nights”
FOUR STAR GENERAL “Definitely one of my favorite AAA indica dominant strain. I highly recommend this general for a 5 stars promotion. Will order again, and again, and again.”
LEMON HAZE “Good Sativa, perfect for daytime. Gives me energy and a nice mental buzz. Not too strong in THC so you won't be too high completing your daily tasks”
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE “Honestly, not one of my favorite strain on this site, but still pretty decent if you like medium potency hybrid. I would recommend it as a day time weed for zoom meetings or activities that require you to keep a minimum of brain power.”
DEATH BUBBA “This is what I smoke to sleep... And it works "en tabarnak" ;)”
PURPLE SPACE COOKIES $21.25$153.00 “First time I ordered it and will surely order again! Gooooood Stuff”
LOVE POTION #9 $21.25 “Great Buzz! Good for daytime toking. Nice looking buds and great smell.”
DURBAN POISON “My favorite quarantine sativa! A must try”
TROPIC THUNDER (AAA) SATIVA “Great for daytime even though the high is not very powerful. Good for activities that require you to keep your brain. Taste is good, nice looking buds. I would give 3.5 stars because I prefer high potency strains but still a great choice for occasional smokers”
Buy Mix and Match 7g x 4 AAA EZ Weed Online
Mix and Match Oz (7gx4) $180.00 “Great concept. You get to try different strains and get to know what you prefer. Best AAA strains online. Totally worth the price”
ROCKSTAR (AAA) INDICA “Classic strain, Nice Buds, Good High. Does what you expect from a good old Rockstar.”
LOVE POTION #9 $21.25 “I ordered 6 different AAA strains and this one was clearly my favorite. Great taste. nice looking buds with lots of trichomes. I love the high as it buzz you real good without making you a zombie. Will definitely buy again”
NUKEN (AAA) INDICA “Great strain with a high that almost feels like sativa/hybrid. Does not make you sleepy for a indica. I would not recommend to smoke it before a first date as you might end up surfing in your thoughts instead of contributing to the discussion. Great for philosophical nights around a woodfire with friends.”
BLACK DIAMOND (AAA) INDICA “I use it mostly for nighttime or Netflix sessions as it does make you relaxed and sleepy. Honestly, I wasn't much of a black diamond fan but this one is definitely the best I've tried so far. Taste is smooth. I recommend”
Buy Bliss Infused Gummies Tropical Assorted 300MG EZ Weed Online
“Best bang for the buck! Classic Bliss product, good long lasting high, good taste. I buy a pack every time I order”
Buy Bliss - Infused Gummies - Party Mix 300MG EZ Weed Online
“Great price, great taste, good long lasting high. 20mg/piece If you're a daily stoner you might want to take 2 gummies otherwise maybe it's better you start with 1 and wait 30 minutes. Will buy again”
PINK PANTHER (AAA) SATIVA “Good uplifting high. I smoke it before cleaning or with friends who smoke casually. Not very powerful but great for daytime or if you just want to still be able to have a conversation”
PLATINUM KUSH (AAAA+) INDICA “Best looking weed I've seen in a looong time. That being said my expectations were high when I tried it... was NOT disappointed. Buds full of trichomes, great taste, superb smell. Will buy again for sure”
MONSTER COOKIES BY PACIFICBUDBOYS (AAAA+) INDICA “Top Notch Weed.Powerful high clearly for nighttime unless you have nothing to do all day. PacificBudBoys clearly know what they're doing. Buds are beautiful strongly recommend”
ZOMBIE OG “Zombie OG is a pretty decent AAA Indica with a good not too strong taste. Was expecting a little more power from a strain named Zombie OG but don't get me wrong, it's still a good night time weed..... also might make you UberEats a little more than you should have.”
SILVERBACK GORILLA (AAA) INDICA “One of my favorite AAA strain Silverback Gorilla has a surprisingly smooth taste for a strong indica. Will get you plenty high without any lightheadedness. I strongly recommend”
SOUR TANGIE (AAA) SATIVA “Buds are yellowish and powdery but full of trichomes. Nice light earthy smell and a good taste. Great uplifting high good for cleaning the house.”
Buy BC Hash EZ Weed Online
BC HASH $15.00$220.00 “BC Hash is the best value for your money. Quality is great, smell and taste are also excellent and the price is very reasonable compared to other MOM’s. It sells pretty fast when they have it in stock so make sure to try it out if you’re a Hashish Aficionado. Strongly recommend”
Buy Phoenix Hash EZ Weed Online
PHOENIX HASH $12.00$192.00 “Newly available on EZ, Phoenix Hash is dark as night and more powdery than sticky. Good high with a strong but pleasant taste. A little expensive if you're looking for the best value for your money but I would still recommend.”
TOM FORD PINK KUSH $25.00$180.00 “Tom Ford Pink Kush (TFPK) is as good as advertised. I was excited to finally try it and was not disappointed. Does what you expect from a strong indica. Nice buds good smell. The only negative might be that taste is good but not great.”
Buy BC Hash EZ Weed Online
BC HASH $15.00$220.00 “BC Hash is the best value for your money. Quality is great, smell and taste are also excellent and the price is very reasonable compared to other MOM's. It sells pretty fast when they have it in stock so make sure to try it out if you're a Hashish Aficionado. Strongly recommend”
Buy Mazar-I-Sharif Afghan Hash Online
MAZAR-I-SHARIF (AFGHAN) - HASH $18.00$300.00 “Mazar-I-Sharif is the strongest hash I found on this website so far (and my favorite) Great relaxing buzz, great smell, excellent quality. It's the most expensive but once you smoke it you can tell why. I recommend it for connoisseurs and daily stoners (or 1st time buyers as 15%off makes it a good deal)”
LEMON HASH “Lemon Hash has a smooth taste and brings a mellow cerebral high that occasional smokers will enjoy for sure. If you're looking for something very powerful it might not be the best hash for you. I enjoy it daytime and it's the perfect hash to smoke with friends who smoke occasionally as it won't knock you out.”
SATELLITE OG “Ordered 4 different AAAA strains with a friend and the Satellite OG was the strongest of them all. High potency and does what you expect from a strong indica. I use it mostly before bedtime as your plans might remain plans if you smoke satellite OG first thing in the morning.”
“Contains 300mg per bar so each piece has enough THC to get you high (not like 5mgs gummies) Long lasting effect with no hard crash. Taste is good as the espresso flavor covers slightly the taste of THC. Easy to bring to a picnic and get stoned low key.”
EZWEED LIVE RESIN - TAHOE OG KUSH “You have to try Live Resin if you haven't yet. Flavorful and smooth, the "champagne of concentrates" allows you to really taste the terpenes and still get a powerful high. I've tried a few different brands and EZWEED offers a really good value for money product. Tahoe OG Kush tastes great and gets you real high. I strongly recommend”
Buy Mix and Match Oz 7g x 4 EZ Weed Online
Mix and Match Oz (7gx4) $210.00 “The Mix and Match concept is great as you get to try many strains and still get the rebate from buying it by ounces. Definitely worth the price. Always satisfied with the strains I got.”
“Bliss makes dangerously good THC gummies as you get only a light THC aftertaste. Otherwise you could barely tell that they're "funny" gummies (Make sure to stash them away from the kid!) 20 mgs is a good start if you're an occasional stoner but would recommend starting with at least 2 gummies (40mgs) if you're a regular stoner. Great product for a great price”
“A little overpriced as you only get 55mg for 10$. A ratio of 10mg/1$ is usually a sign that you're making a good deal.... but products with low THC tend to be a little more expensive. The high was good but could have been more powerful. My friend who smokes only once in a while was totally satisfied with this product so I would recommend if you are an occasional stoner looking for something not too powerful.”
“Best Bang for your Buck that you'll find on any MOM's. 260mg will get you super high. I've been smoking everyday for the last 20 years and a full cookie was still kinda too much. You can easily eat half and still get a very powerful high. This is a must try for real stoners looking for a slap in the face kind of high”
SILVER SURFER (AAAA) SATIVA “Very good sativa with energetic high perfect for hot and humid summer days. Made me clean the house listening to the Doobie Brothers. One of my favorite day weed so far”
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