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EZ Weed Online

For the large number of Canadians needing pain relief from a number of ailments, medicinal marijuana has made it easy and accessible to those in need. As the premiere provider of mail order bud, EZ Weed Online is here to help those in need of high-quality medical marijuana.

Past experiences ordering medical marijuana online may have caused some buyers to raise concerns about product quality or the shipping time to get their order. When you shop on EZ Weed Online, you can have the confidence that we will only ship the best possible product to you. You can order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered right to your front door, coast to coast in Canada.

Superior Quality

EZ Weed Online prides itself on providing the highest quality medical marijuana products online. All of our flowers are grown with the utmost of care and strict quality control testing is in place to make sure you receive the freshest flowers. Because of the strong focus on quality and testing EZ Weed Online has in place, we can make sure that you will not receive any sub-standard flowers once your order arrives.

Ordering Cannabis Online

It’s easier to order Cannabis Flower online thanks to the easy online ordering platform EZ Weed Online has. To get started, shop for the products you want to order, enter your payment and shipping details and that’s it!

Online Cannabis Delivered To Your Door

Once your order is received by our team at EZ Weed Online, we start the fulfilment process to ensure you receive your order quick. All packages are shipped via Canada Post and you will receive tracking information as soon as your order is en route. We also offer free Canada Xpresspost shipping on any order over $149. With this service your order will be at your front door within a couple of days.

We Have Lots Of Options

EZ Weed has flower options for everybody, no matter your taste or needs. One of the benefits of ordering cannabis flower by mail with EZ Weed Online is our large selection of products to choose from. We carry all of the popular strains of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Flowers, and the brands you are familiar with.

Some of EZ Weed online popular products are:
Mimosa by Gastown Collective
The Candy by BC Growlord
Cactus Breath
Funky Charms by Enigma Extracts
Cherry Wonka
Sour Diesel
Presidential Pink

No matter your budget, we carry flowers of different grades to match your needs. Different strains will have their own unique taste and effects. To find out which strain is most suitable for you, we recommend trying different products to find the best fit.

Do You Offer Mix and Match?

EZ Weed Online offers you the ability to mix and match different strains of cannabis in a variety of sizes. This allows you to sample different strains at a discounted price!
One affordable option is our 1/2 ounce mix and match option. It allows you to try several new products or share with a buddy. Pricing starts at $70.We offer 1 ounce mix and match options starting at $130.

Mix and match options include strains like Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica flowers. The mix and match options are split up by flower grade and weight, not strain which gives you more purchasing options. Mix and match options are also available for shatter/budder.

The Benefits of Ordering Cannabis Flower Online

All packages shipped by EZ Weed Online are discreetly packaged. Our packaging is nondescript, free of logos or anything that would gather attention.

Ordering cannabis flower online with EZ Weed Online offers you a larger selection of flowers than you would find at your local brick and mortar dispensary. On top of that you can conveniently order from the comfort of home.

If you are new to ordering cannabis flower online, or are looking for more information on some of our products, EZ Weed Online offers live chat support. You can quickly connect with an agent by clicking the chat bubble near the bottom of your screen to get your answers fast.

Why Choose EZ Weed Online

At EZ Weed Online we not only offer fantastic pricing to our customers, our product quality is second to none. Ordering online through our website makes purchasing easy and flexible to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. You can order samples of new strains or even bulk by choosing our Mix and Match option.

Your EZ Weed Online will arrive at your doorstep in our discreet and scent proof packaging. The convenience and ease of ordering online at EZ Weed Online makes for a great purchasing experience. Switch to EZ Weed Online for your medical marijuana and experience the difference first hand our quality products and reliability.