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Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, ceremonies and recreational usage. In recent years research teams have been studying mushrooms as alternate therapy for depression, PTSD and anxiety. EZ Weed carries a large selection of shrooms from around the globe. Try one today and get it quick with our no hassle and discreet delivery.

While regular mushrooms can pair well with meals, the same can’t be said about magic mushrooms. If you tend to dislike the taste of shrooms, or find it un-edible, a psilocybin edible may be something to consider. With shroom edibles, you can calculate dosages easier and enjoy your shroom as a chocolate, drink or candy.

While taking a regular dose of mushrooms can enlighten you, be a lot of, it can also take a large chunk of time. You can still experience the benefits of psilocybin by taking microdose capsules. Microdosing is taking a very small dosage of shrooms preventing the hallucinogenic experience but still enabling the mood boost an creativity.

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