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Cannabis concentrates are a potent and advantageous way to experience terpenes at their most robust. We love terpenes because they are the compounds responsible for the unique flavours and aromas of cannabis. With high THC strengths and delivering more flavourful experiences, extracted concentrates include creamy budder, radiant diamonds, OG hash, terp sauce, and more.  Potent and clean, aromatic and rich, you can enjoy concentrates with a dab rig, combined with dried flowers in a joint or vaporized spotlessly with a vapeSample concentrates even more affordably with our Mix & Match packs.

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Budder is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate. CO2 extraction is the common method used in making budder. The result is a product that is creamy and has a whipped texture that’s yellow in color, similar to butter which is where the name budder comes from. 

A big advantage of using concentrates are the terpenes contained in the product. Terpenes are the compounds in cannabis responsible for the smell and taste. So not only will your concentrates have the aroma and flavours you are looking for, budder is also called by some the most potent and clean cannabis concentrates you can find.

Diamond is quite unique when compared to other forms of cannabis concentrate. It’s considered one of the best looking and pretty forms of concentrated THC. It is also one of the strongest with THC content that can go as high as 99.9%.

Diamonds are made by reducing THC to its most pure chemical state which causes the concentrate to form crystals. Diamonds have a gorgeous glowing look to them. 

Distillates are a strong concentrate liquid THC product used for making edibles and vape carts. Save yourself the hassle of going through the lengthy process of trying to extract THC from flowers yourself. Grab some strong, cannabis oil, loaded with terpenes and you are already on your way. EZ Weed Online carries high quality distillates from the top strains of weed available.

Hash or hashish was the original standard of cannabis concentrates. Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis that is said to have been around for at least 1000 years. Hash is made by taking trichomes and pressing them into a condensed block chock full of THC. While hassh has a higher THC concentration than cannabis flower, the industry advancements have resulted in other forms of concentrate mush stronger. Hash is great if you are looking for something in the middle.

Sauce, sometimes called term sauce is a cannabis concentrate that is more fluid or runny than other forms and is rich in terpenes. In the extraction process, cannabinoids and terpenes are separated. The cannabinoids are more solid while the terpenes are more liquid. 

Live resin/rosin I created by taking extracting the terpenes from freshly harvested plants. Producers will freeze the plants after harvest to ensure the flower is not dried or cured in any way. This helps to preserve the terpenes which can be lost through other methods of extraction. This creates a concentrate full of flavor and aroma. 

Shatter is a glass like solid form of cannabis concentrate. The name comes from the process of breaking apart or shattering this concentrate after it is prepared. Shatter is one of the most popular concentrates with a THC strength between 80 and 90 percent.

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