KRFT MRKT – Purple Space Cookies AAAA+

Purple Space Cookies cannabis strain is a hybrid with a THC level reaching 32%. Known for its dense, crystallized buds that may crumble in your fingers as you take them apart, this strain has a sweet, earthy aroma. It tastes as sugary sweet as the name suggests!

THC: 32%

  • 1 gram $10
  • 7 grams $64
  • 14 grams $115
  • 28 grams $210

Disclaimer: Anthocyanins are responsible for giving purple cannabis strains their vibrant color. They are water-soluble pigments that are present in many plant. They are responsible for giving blueberries their blue color, red grapes their red color and blackberries their black color.

Why is my weed purple?

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