Piatella Cold Cured Hash (Gary Payton)


Piattella, derived from freshly frozen material, is essentially hash that’s cold cured until it reaches a butter-like consistency. It’s often crafted using the highest-quality ice hash known as “full melt”, which effortlessly melts away when vaporized, leaving little to no residue on the surface.

Piattella technique focuses on intensifying flavors through the passage of time and ambient temperature, which create a distinctive texture and appearance. The resulting cold cured ice hash exhibits a remarkable resemblance to small, solid pieces of bread or candy. Its consistency is firm enough to be cut with precision, like butter, without any stickiness or residue.

  • 1 gram $15
  • 3.5 grams $47.5
  • 7 grams $90
  • 14 grams $175
  • 28 grams $330
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