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Rolling papers, sometimes known as joint paper, or cigarette paper, is a type of speciality paper used for rolling joints or cigarettes. Rolling papers can be made with a variety of materials and with added scents or flavours to add to your smoking experience.

A grinder is a tool to help you break down you cannabis flower into smaller pieces for rolling into a joint or blunt. Although there are other methods to breaking down your cannabis like using scissors, or your hands, grinders are a lot more efficient, faster, and make for more even sized pieces.

A rolling tray is a clean dedicated work area for you to grind up your cannabis and roll your joint or blunt. It’s an easy way to keep your herb contained in one place while rolling and it makes for easy clean up. Its a great way to keep your space organized as well as you can use it to store your paper, lighters and grinder when you are done.

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