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We take the time and care to ensure our one-stop online dispensary carries the best flowers available. New and OG strains alike can be found within our hand-picked collections, including hard-to-source craft cannabis from BC’s finest growers. We carry Indica-dominant flowers for relaxation, pain relief and insomnia (ideal for evening use), Sativa-dominant buds for more euphoric, uplifting and creativity-boosting effects (perfect for the daytime), as well as a range of balanced hybrid strains. In addition to affordable AA and AAA grade cannabis, we also stock the highest quality AAAA and AAAA+/Craft Cannabis with dense nugs, beautiful hairs and trichomes, and of course, cream of the crop flavour and potency. Try a variety of flowers effortlessly with our budget-friendly Mix & Match packs.

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EZ Weed has a large offering of Indica flowers. We carry lots of the well known strains like White City Death, OG Shark and Gelato Glue. Indica plants are shorter than sativa plants with leaves that are short and wide. Indica can be good for those looking to kick start their appetite, pain relief and insomnia.

Indica effects are known to be more relaxing and produce a type of body high that is great for lounging on your couch after a hard days work. We recommend using in the evening due to this.

We carry some of the most popular Sativa strains in the industry. Well known sativa strains such as Mimosa, Magic Melon and Chocolope.

Whereas Indica gives users a body high and helps with pain and anxiety, sativa effects are more euphoric and can help you be more creative and alert. If you are after something to lift you up and a high that is energizing, look for a sativa strain. Recommended for use during the day.

Craft Cannabis or AAAA+ are highest quality cannabis strains around. They are usually grown by small growers with very special farming practices that you can’t duplicate in a large scale farm. Because of this care and attention, they tend have better aroma, color and potency. 

AAAA grade flowers are brightly coloured, dense with other world aroma nuggets. What makes a flower AAAA grade? The highest quality cannabis with great looks, taste, trichomes and strength. AAAA strains tend to be more pricey but they are worth the price for the quality of cannabis your are getting.

AAA cannabis is considered middle road grade. It is one of the most common grades smoked in this day. AAA or trips was once considered the highest grade of cannabis the average Joe could get. Because of how far the cannabis industry has grown and matured and newer growing techniques the cannabis grades have evolved to higher grades like AAAA and AAAA+ but trips are still a good smoke.

When compared to AAAA, you will find trips are not as potent and not as intense as higher shelf weed.

AA grade or dubs is the lowest grade of weed you can find at a dispensary. It won’t have the looks or strength of the higher grade cannabis, however you can still enjoy the benefits of marijuana at a good price.

The lower price does not indicate lower quality. It will get you where you need to, but might not have all attributes of top shelf grades.

Still learning how to roll the perfect joint? Tired of wasting your rolling papers and flower on poorly rolled joints? Pre-rolls are the perfect option!

EZ Weed Online carries a variety of pre-rolled joints in different strains and quantities.
With our pre-rolls you will get an excellent burn and smooth pull on every joint. 

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