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Hot Cannabis Deals at EZW: Buy live resin online Canada

Hot Cannabis Deals at EZW: Buy live resin online Canada

Live resin has its own place for Cannabis lovers. EZW, the trusted store where customers buy live resin online Canada offers special deals. Explore them now!

If you are new to live resin or cannabis usage, this article explains in detail.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a cannabis essence that obtains its name from the cannabis plants where it is made. Live resin concentrates is made by plant material that is not dried or preserved. The material used for the live resin is fresh flower buds and sugar leaves. The freezing process helps preserve the most wanted component and maintain the full flavor of the grown cannabis plants.

The development of live resin has its goal; the goal is to get the tremendous essence and aroma of the cannabis plants. There are compounds that are responsible for the characteristics of the flavors and aroma in the cannabis, it is known as the “terpenes”.

Live resin has a lot of forms and colors. It has a lot of terpenes that make it flavorful. Live resin is more likely to wax, shatter and any other extracts but the main differences are it uses fresh and no drying involved. Live resin has more liquid than the other it because the more the terpenes the more the liquid.

Live resin has a potential benefits, these are

  • Decreased the effect of smoking
  • Very beneficial to those suffering from chronic pain and nausea.
  • Very fast relief and to those who don’t smoke

Live resin is not oy in charge of the flavor and aroma but it works with the cannabinoids to provide better medicinal effects. The quality of the live resin that makes people like is the essence of it.

Uses of live resin

Live resin is used for anxiety, fatigue, depression, headache and pain. It’s aroma makes a users relax that is ideal for body and mind purposes.

There are several ways to use live resin. These are some that is more efficient but it will depend on personal preferences. The most common method is using a Dab rig in merging a small butane torch to heat a nail for that to evaporate. But there is a safer way and it’s more popular like a vaporizer pen. Vaporizer is also one of the easy ways to use live resin. It is more convenient to use by putting resins to it.

Uses of live resin in medical purpose are not bad, but sometimes it can be abused. If a person starts to misuse the medical purpose of this by using it for different purpose beyond it’s specific use, it is abusing the drugs. Many people who use it for recreational purpose has a high effect because it is high in THC content that has active chemical. Live resin use and abuse has a impact in the body and mind. Ut can change emotional and behavior of a person. Live resin abuse can change a person body function and physical.

Where to buy live resin Canada?

You can buy live resin through EZweeds online. The most trusted cannabis and it’s quick delivery services. Looking for more convenient and easy way to order online that delivers direct to your doorstep. Those who can’t travel and has a condition this is the best way. Just go to EZweeds online and order the best product you want. It’s easy and no hassle.

Recommended Live Resin

Sour amnesia live resin – is a super potent sativa that has a 27% of THC. It is breed by Amnesia and Sour diesel. Using of Sour Amnesia live resin will give you happiness, and perception that everything brings you down will become stable. It is perfect during day time when you feel irritable and tension. The poweful flavors of sour amnesia will gibe your sense awake. Uses of these should start with a minimal dose because of high in THC. It provides a pure and potent medicinal and recreational effect. It is best for treating chronic pain, insomnia, stress and headache.

Romulan live resin – is a potent indica named after the alien star Trekrace. It has a strong therapeutic qualities. It has a deep relaxation that makes the patients love this strain. It treats muscles spasms and nerve damage and it is used for sleep. Romulan make the body fully calm, and it boost the mood with happiness. It makes your body feel contented.

Blackberry OG live resin – is a indica dominant strain. It has a very energizing effect and amazing aroma. It requires only little to get the high you wanted to have. It has a lots of medicinal edfects especially those who can’t manage their anxiety and stress. It is highly recommended to those who are suffering from insomnia and pain inflammation. It is best to use during night time to helo you sleep and relaxed. Blackberry OG has a strong aroma. Its 20% THC levels give you the body full relaxation effect.

Master kush live resin – is a indica strain which named by High rise from Amsterdam. Master kush gives out strong but not overwhelming, the feeling of excitement that makes the users blissful. It is best for treating stress and anxiety. It is also used in the evening to help with the sleepless nights. It can manage the chronic pain. This strain produces “munchies” that is useful for increasing appetite that is good to those who suffers eating disorders.

White berry live resin – is a hybrid strain that is famous in its own characteristics that gives balanced effects in relaxation. It decreases the anxiety and stress. It is best for uplifting mood and creative activities. It has a taste of sour berry and pine smell. It is alsi known as celebrity child of the two popular strains Blueberry and White widow. Users describe white berry as one of the high and fast hitting that you will feel immediately.


In summary, live resin has a big impact to the users because of its freshness and aroma. It is in demand for its quality and materials. Live resin contains high terpenes that give best aroma. It also explains how it is used and it’s important to understand the good and bad effects of these when it abused. Using live resins has a medicinal benefit but if it used with other purpose it will affect both the mind and body. When using it is very advisable to read and become aware of its components whether it suits you and benefit your medical concerns.

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