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How to make CBD Tinctures? The ultimate guide for beginners

CBD tinctures

2020 Ultimate Guide to CBD Tincture CBD tinctures today are one of the staple products medical marijuana patients use for their medical treatment daily. CBD tinctures are widely available in Canada. While THC-rich cannabis is legal, many marijuana consumers still prefer CBD-based, non-psychoactive products.  Because CBD doesn’t give you the “high” feeling, products of this […]

Ways to Tell the Difference between Good and Bad weed

Good and Bad weed

Novice smokers who are buying weed for the first time always have a chance of ending up with the poorest buds which taste as bad as they smell. It is therefore vital for all cannabis enthusiasts to learn the difference between good and bad weed so that the chances of wasting your hard earned money […]

Which is correct – Cannabis or Marijuana?

There are a lot of names used on the street indicating marijuana or cannabis but which of the two should be used? Should we call it marijuana or cannabis? This article explains in-depth which term should be used to properly address the question. The Word “Marijuana” Versus the Word “Cannabis”           Marijuana or cannabis is […]

Latest Cannabis Weed Subscription

cannabis subscription products

Learn About the Latest cannabis subscription products Cannabis shops not only in Canada but also to other states offer subscription services. Cannabis subscription products can go from t-shirts to pipes. Each company offers its unique trademark on the products. The most popular of the cannabis subscription products is the cannabis subscription boxes. These themed boxes […]

Most Potent CBD Strains

most potent cbd strains

There are many cannabis strains available in the market, we listed the most potent CBD strains in this article. What is CBD? CBD is the short name of Cannabidiol. It is an important compound in marijuana that has medical properties. It is formally used to help with numerous health conditions and may likewise be utilized […]

CBD oil: Is it legal in Canada?

CBD oil legal status

What is the legal status (and evidence) of CBD oil? Over the last few years, CBD oil has become insanely popular across the globe. Even those who have never used cannabis in their lifetime have probably heard of it in popular culture and social media. The global CBD market has already surpassed a net value […]

Why Edible Marijuana is Stronger than Smoking

Edible Marijuana

Many users might think that there’s not much difference between smoking cannabis and ingesting it, and this is the main reason why it’s not uncommon for users to have a bad edibles experience. Take the case of those two Toronto cops for instance. They were recently suspended because they allegedly had too much edible marijuana […]

Weed Measurements Guide

weed measurements guide

What does cannabis look like? A visual guide to cannabis quantities. If you are new to marijuana, you may be surprised that math is essential taking the right amount of cannabis quantities is essential. Use this guide to find the right amount for your intake. Weed measurements are explained in simple terms. Let’s get started. […]


Cannabis in 2020

Cannabis gains its popularity among recreational and medical users, we have curated a list of statistics about cannabis in 2020. We are sure that these statistics will be insightful and tweetworthy. Last October 17, 2019, cannabis derivatives such as vapes, edibles, concentrates, infused beverages and topicals or “Cannabis 2.0” has been approved. However, cannabis consumers […]

Marijuana Industry: 2020 Predictions

marijuana industry

The marijuana industry is getting bigger day by day after its legalization. We bring you the Canadian Cannabis 2.0 and the cannabis industry predictions for 2020. Cannabis, the world’s most controversial plant that is being grown, distributed, and used as a Schedule I illegal substance under the U.S Federal government. Despite that, the marijuana industry […]