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medical marijuana

Why should you take cannabis strains for medical reasons?

Negative connotation about Marijuana What is your first impression when you hear the term marijuana? Marijuana comes from the word “marihuana”, a Mexican-Spanish root term. Rumours tell about Mexicans handing out “killer weed” to American babies. At that moment, marijuana was labelled with a bad reputation. Later, FDA approved marijuana as a treatment for two

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Balanced Weed Hybrids

Balanced Weed Hybrids: Are They Right For You?

Introduction With a variety of cannabis strains to choose from, some even carrying funny names, it is overwhelming, to say the least, to choose the one that’s right for you. Cannabis, though dated way back years ago before its prohibition in North America is quite new to this century’s generations. Millennials, Gen Xs, and even

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cannabis for depression

Can Cannabis Cure Depression?

The medical benefits of consuming cannabis are many, and the proliferation of new businesses trying to make a profit on the plant has led to something or a ‘miracle cure’ effect. Wonderful claims have come from all directions regarding the possibilities of cannabis in medicine, industry and recreational markets, but as opportunists arrive on the

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Cannabis Strains Perfect for Pain Relief

Top 5 Medical Cannabis Strains Perfect for Pain Relief

Pain has been a common problem for most people worldwide. A lot of individuals are suffering from moderate to severe pain due to painful conditions such as arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, and others. According to a news report by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), as of 2018, 6 million people in Canada or roughly 20

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