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The Best Way to Consume Edibles: A Guide for Beginners

Edibles are: A popular and discreet way to consume cannabis. Offering a longer-lasting, often more potent. Experience than smoking or vaping. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This article will discuss the best ways to consume edibles and provide tips to help ensure a positive experience. Choose […]

2022 EZ Weed Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

We compiled Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide while sipping spiked eggnog, with ‘the fireplace channel’ on TV and Snoop’s Christmas in The Dogghouse. During this season of giving, we are thinking of the cannabis aficionados and the psilocybin lovers, we are remembering those who delight in the art of rolling and those who […]

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

Deck the halls with marijuana, falalalala lalalala! ‘Tis the season to reach nirvana, falalalala lalalala! With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the prime time to begin checking off gifts for your favourite pals and cannabis-enthusiastic loved ones. Whether smoked, sipped, ingested or applied, whichever way your special someone enjoys consuming, we’ve […]

The 5 Love Languages (of EZ Weed)

“The premise is quite simple: different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways.” – Let our dedicated team match your love languages with our carefully curated year-round quality cannabis products, thoughtful services and a satisfaction guarantee for you this shopping season. Today we share our take on the ‘Five Love Languages’ […]

Summertime Sativas, Edibles & Vapes for the Ultimate BC Summer

We’ve compiled the ultimate summertime essentials shortlist. Features thoughtfully chosen shrooms, edibles and Sativa-dominant strains for every outing and activity. Celebrate annual festivities, from BC Day and Pride weekend to the crowd-drawing Celebration of Lights, in a euphoric state of mind. Our highest quality craft flowers, fruity vapes and sour gummies will ensure you connect […]

Weed & Travel: 5 Must-Visit Cannabis-Friendly Destinations

As the post-pandemic world awakens and countries reopen their arms to tourists, adventure (and friendly cannabis laws) are calling your name. Gear up with everything you need to know about travelling with weed and discover some of the most unique and positively memorable travel destinations that await you.  Before you begin booking a ticket to […]

2018 to Today: Navigating Online Cannabis Dispensaries this Canada Day

2018 to Today: Navigating Online Cannabis Dispensaries this Canada Day Weed, marijuana, grass, or ganja, no matter what you call it or how you choose to enjoy it, recreational cannabis is approaching its fourth anniversary of legalization in Canada. There is so much to celebrate, not only for the progression of cannabis culture across the […]

When Cannabis is Mixed with Psychedelics What Happens?

In the past, using recreational drugs was viewed in a negative light. The public opinion has swayed and they are currently viewed as science nowadays. This has allowed researchers to do studies on the effects of psychedelics. These studies shed light on the results of mixing cannabis with psychedelics such as pscilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca or […]