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Buy Reggie Weed Online: Tips and Hacks

Buy Reggie Weed Online: Tips and Hacks

Wondering how to buy Reggie weed online? This short guide will help you to purchase the best Reggie weeds online like a pro.

You might be wondering what kind of weed is a “Reggie” weed, maybe thinking of it as rad or a unique type of weed. However, it is not a unique weed; rather, it is just a cannabis hybrid, which is a Sativa-dominant type. It is currently rated C by most medical marijuana consumers and is somewhat known to alleviate and combat mental illnesses and mood disorders, as well as their accompanying symptoms.

This strain consists of a 70/30 mixture of THC compounds that range from 18% to 20%, and the buds of this strain are known to be dense with a dark green color. Its flower is known to be a leafy type and contains hairs that are colored yellowish-orange.

Users mostly comment on it’s a strange smell that has been described as between skunk and potpourri-like on inhalation of the aroma it produces. Its flavor doesn’t fall behind in the peculiar department as users comment on the nutmeg-like flavor it provides, but without an actual nutmeg on it.

Effects of Reggie Weed

Upon consuming this strain, users will experience a tingly feeling upon inhaling the aroma it produces. It also provides a numbing sensation when consumed. The high it provides gives the user an energetic feeling and makes it a bit all over the place, which results in a highly focused and uplifting atmosphere that ends in an extreme state of forgetfulness and giggle fits.

Furthermore, it is usually recommended to users who want euphoric happiness . It also gives a high for people looking for bliss for some time. The euphoric effects it provides is very stimulating and is sure to give its users the feeling of munchies, wherein snacks within the user’s reach are highly advised.

Common Uses of Reggie Weed

Since this strain is known as a medical cannabis/weed, it provides many therapeutic benefits to its users, which are listed below:

  • Alleviating mental illnesses and mood disorders
  • Provides an effective stimulant to disorders
  • Treatment for eating disorders or a lack of appetite

However, this strain is only recommended to regular users due to its strong buzz. New users are best advised to avoid this strain at their early days of medical marijuana use until their doctors recommend that they can use it without any complications.

Where to Buy Reggie Weed Online?

For your Reggie weed needs (and other weeds as well), we at EzWeed Online (EZW) got you covered in that regard. We provide high-quality and top-grade weeds that you can purchase from us at affordable prices. We at EZW offer you a place to buy reggie weed online without any problems, in the comfort of your home.

Aside from reggie weed strains, we at EZW provides+ other popular strains such as the following:

Double Tangie Banana (Mr. Nice) – AAAA+ – Sativa

A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has an AAAA+ grade quality developed by Crockett Family Farms is one of the known strains that we at EZW offer. It is a known cross from two prominent strains, namely Banana Sherbert and Tangie strains, wherein DNA Genetics develops the latter.

It has a THC level of 22%, which is quite strong for this kind of strain, with a minimal CBD content of only 1%. It provides a fruity, tangy-sweet citrus flavor, and its aroma also offers a sweet citrus aroma with an earthy scent.

This strain is best used either during the daytime or in the evening, in the user’s free time. It provides an energizing, euphoric, happy, and uplifting feeling that results in a relaxed mood. It is commonly used for treating depression, fatigue, headaches, and stress.

BC Rockstar – AAA – Indica

An Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a AAA grade quality, this is our popular Indica strain in EZW. It is a crossbreed of the Bubba Kush and Rockstar strains, which results in a light green color that is dense and very sticky to touch, which results in users separating this strain by hand.

It has a high THC level of 22% to 25%, which makes this strain a solid one. Meanwhile, its CBD content is only at 0.1%, making it the lowest CBD level in an Indica strain. It provides a skunky, spicy, and sweet, diesel berry pine flavor with a skunky, spicy blueberry pungent aroma and an earthy scent.

Best used at the user’s free time during nighttime, it provides a euphoric, energizing happy feeling that results in a creative and friendly mood. It is best known to treat multiple ailments such as anxiety, asthma, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), loss of appetite, and stress.

Aside from those two strains mentioned, we at EZW provide many other strains and weed/cannabis-related products such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and accessories. We at EZW currently have 36+ flowers, 21+ concentrates, 58+ edibles, 10+ vapes, and 6 accessories in our shop inventory, which is now growing and will be expanded shortly with more products for your consumers to purchase and use.

We have a shipping method via Canada Post which now implements no “Signature Required” process during these times and instead went to the Knock, Drop, And Go approach, wherein the delivery staff would choose the safest location of your purchased item to leave with after knocking or ringing at your door.


As mentioned above, the reggie weed is just a type of cannabis strain that is Sativa-dominant. However, it is a medical strain that can be used to treat various mental illness and mood disorders and their accompanying symptoms.

It can be purchased at various online cannabis dispensaries, and we at EZW currently sell those reggie weeds that you may need.

We highly advise you to check our online sales and inventory for your needs that we are sure you will enjoy and are very affordable for your wallet.

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