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Buy Weed Edibles Online Canada

Buy Weed Edibles Online Canada

This guide will help you buy weed edibles online Canada.

Canada legalized the use of medical marijuana. They are one of the largest countries that allow its citizens to use cannabis for treating various mental disorders and its accompanying symptoms without any complications with their law, unlike major countries.

Since the legalization, various online cannabis dispensaries and stores have started in Canada, which cater to people in need of marijuana-related products such as cannabis, for both medical and recreational needs.

One of the online cannabis dispensaries wherein you can buy weed edibles online in Canada is EZ Weed Online (shortened as EZW), wherein they have various cannabis-related products such as edibles which are foods and beverages infused with cannabis in their ingredients. But before we proceed further, let us look at some information about weed edibles.

What are Weed Edibles?

As mentioned earlier, edibles are most food items (both solid and liquid foods) that cannabis users can consume aside from oils and capsules laced with marijuana flowers or concentrates. Usual types of edibles are the following:

  • Baked goods
  • Brownie mixes
  • Beverages
  • Cooking oil
  • CBD mints
  • THC gummies
  • CBD/THC chocolate bars

Thanks to the various edible choices, the consumer can choose the edible type he/she wants to consume without the hassles of other methods of consuming marijuana like smoking, which we have differentiated in the next paragraph.

Edibles Vs. Smoking

If cannabis consumers have a hard time smoking marijuana flowers, extracts, or concentrate, they can instead consume edibles instead of any regular food and beverages. However, consuming edibles are done in doses to avoid the user being overdosed as a result.

Additionally, smoking cannabis has some unusual harsh complications that new users might be affected severely, which are listed below:


Smoking cannabis would cause the inhaled smoke to go to the lungs, which can severely affect the respiratory system of the user. Meanwhile, since edibles go to the stomach after consuming, it has fewer chances of changing the digestion system.

Delayed reaction

Smoking will have a faster effect on the user than edibles, but the former can cause problems for the user if he/she needs to do something else. In contrast, users who consumed edibles instead can do their daily activities hours before the effects start to kick in their system.

Less control

This is where smoking marijuana has a significant advantage over consuming edibles. The reason why is that there is a tendency for edible consumers to overdose themselves due to the edibles being tasty and easy to eat, wherein smoking is usually hard to inhale and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and the nose.

Types of Edibles

There are various types of edibles a cannabis user can purchase and enjoy from online cannabis dispensaries in the internet market today. However, if you are not sure what to look for, take note of the following common types of edibles that are listed below:

Baked goods

The commonly known edible for most cannabis users, as it is the most accessible and the most worth it for your money. The famous baked goods are the “space cake”, while its less popular brethren are gummies, chocolates, and candies. Baked goods can be differentiated from regular dairy products by looking for a mild green tinge coloring on it, and it produces a faint scent of cannabis.


From water to juices and even carbonated drinks (soft drinks), these are also called “drinkables”, which are simply beverages or liquid foods infused with cannabis (usually by oil or concentrates which are mixed in their ingredients).


This the edible type for users who are on a diet or are conscious of their body weight, or are just simply lazy to munch and gulp foods down their throat. It is also usually prescribed by doctors to their patients in need of medical cannabis, instead of recreational ones.


The last type of edible, usually not edible on the go (i.e. in powder form), but are essential in making other types of edibles. However, it can be still consumed raw, albeit the lack of food texture and properties.

Recommended Edibles

As for the edibles that we can recommend to cannabis users, we at EZW got you covered with our following edibles that we are sure that you will enjoy.

Mary’s Chocolate Almond Bar – Indica ($28.00) – a chocolate bar that has been infused with Indica cannabis, which contains 300mg of THC. It can help with stress and depression.

Mary’s Salted Caramel Bar – Triple Strength – Indica ($15.00) – a salted caramel bar that has been infused with Indica, which contains 140mg of THC. It has a texture of a Rice Krispie.

Mary’s Chocolate Chip Cookie – Triple Strength – Indica ($15.00) – a chocolate chip cookie infused with the Indica cannabis, which contains 140mg of THC. Perfect for filling your cannabis and hunger needs at the same time.

Euphoria Extraction Sativa Shatter Bar 250mg – Vegan Dark Chocolate ($30.00) – a dark chocolate bar infused with Sativa cannabis, which contains 250mg of THC. It is a vegan chocolate bar, which means that it is made with vegan ingredients.

BLISS – Infused Gummies – Pineapple ($20.00) – a pineapple flavored gummy candies that are infused with cannabis oil that contains 20mg of THC. It is perfect for users who are always on the go.

Shipwreck Edibles Grape ($16.00) – a candy edible in grape flavor that is infused with cannabis coconut oil, with 10mg of THC per candy piece. It can be used to treat stress, depression, and fatigue.

Twisted Extracts Grape Halley’s Comet 1:1 Jelly Bomb ($14.00) – a jelly candy bar that is in a grape flavor, which contains 40mg THC and 40mg CBD. It is perfect for treating anxiety, inflammation, and pain (both body and chronic).

Canna Co  – CBD Handmade Gummies 10pcs. ($18.00) – a small pack of gummy candies that contains 150mg of CBD in total. Best used for treating nausea and nerve pain.


As we have mentioned in the earlier part of the article, there are several types of edibles that consumers can purchase from various online cannabis dispensaries, and we at EZW provide multiple kinds of edibles that are high-quality and top-notch cannabis edibles that are affordable.

Aside from edibles, we also provide other cannabis-related products, such as flowers, concentrates, vapes, and accessories/tools for consuming the consumables properly. And we provide our customers with a shipping method with Canada Post, in which at these times do not need a signature to receive your product.





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