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Cannabis Laws Around The Globe: Is It Legal In Your Area?

Cannabis Laws Around The Globe: Is It Legal In Your Area?

Many regions around the world are starting to change to outlook towards marijuana and they have promulgated their own cannabis laws.
With all the fruitful studies about its medical properties, Cannabis has changed its status from being an illegal drug to one of the sought-after alternative medicine today. Hence, cannabis laws are being implemented today.

However, countries around the globe have different stands regarding the regulation of Marijuana use.

You can tell it by varying the contents of every law that they approved and follow. Some opted for full legalization, while others have specific conditions to clear before their people can use Marijuana.

To understand further these laws, let’s take a look at their general key points and how they are implemented today in different areas around the globe.

Cannabis Laws In a Nutshell

Laws about the legalization of Marijuana in a particular state or region are bound with limitations and specific nuances.

For starters, you cannot just buy Cannabis or start a plantation of it as easy as you think. Many countries only allow their citizens to use

Marijuana or any related products to it, such as vapes, concentrates, and edibles for medical/therapeutic purposes.
Among these areas in Canada, which is among the countries that legalize cannabis.

In more liberal nations, cannabis utilized as a means of recreation is also accepted. But the thing is, one can only possess a certain amount of weed to ensure that he or she will not be charged with any criminal case.

This limitation perhaps is in conjuncture to the still on-going debate whether Marijuana has an addictive property.
Cannabis cultivation, on the other hand, is subject to strict regulations. Like any business, one must also secure permission from their government before they start their weed plantation. In some cases, however, buying and selling Marijuana is only allowed.

Below is the rundown of regions in the world and the laws being implemented in them regarding cannabis:

Americas: Mostly Legal

Each state in America has certain degrees of regulations and policies about the usage of cannabis. Since January this year, Marijuana becomes legal for adults over the age of 21 in 11 states, while Marijuana for medical use is deemed legal for 33 countries.

Canada started the legalization of cannabis for medical treatment in 2001, but in 2018, its usage stretched further to a legal recreational drug.

Private possession of Marijuana and related products like joint is lawful in Mexico provided it must be less than 5 grams only. In the

Southern part, Cannabis laws differ in each region with Uruguay having the broadest stand in Marijuana being the first country in the world to legalize consuming and growing Marijuana.

The catch is per week, and its citizen can only buy a total of 10 grams of weeds from a pharmacy. Medical marijuana is also legal now in Peru as well as buying, selling, and transporting it.

Asia and Australia: Limited to Prohibited

In general, countries in the Asia region still perceive cannabis as a prohibited drug. Possession and cultivation of marijuana are considered criminal activities in these places.

No particular laws are being passed in this region, yet some areas have certain exceptions about weed. In Iran, for example, no penalties or punishment are recorded for possessing weeds.

On the other hand, India can acquire permission from its government if they want to put up a business related to marijuana, including growing varieties of it.

The Philippines are among the countries in Asia that strongly opposed the use of cannabis and other synthetic-based drugs peddled around it.

Australia is one of the countries that push its research in marijuana and have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Possession of weeds in the majority of areas around it will not make you a law offender at all. In 2016, cultivation of marijuana was legal only for approved and legitimate producers.

Europe: Mostly Legal

Demands on medical marijuana are getting higher in Europe with most of its regions already legalizing cannabis on the condition that patients first must secure a prescription from their physician before they can buy it.

The United Kingdom, to an extent, become one of the largest exporters of cannabis in the globe. However, it is only for the sole purpose of scientific studies.

The Netherlands made a much bolder yet innovative move in making cannabis legal in their coffee shops. On the other hand, citizens of Spain can fully use marijuana without any fear of being labeled as a criminal, yet selling any products of weed is still illegal in this country.

France and Romania, like other regions, also legalized medical marijuana; while in Germany, possession of cannabis is decriminalized as long as you possess less than 15 grams.

Africa and Jamaica: Mostly Legal

Back in earlier years, Marijuana is deemed illegal, especially in South Africa. But in late 2016, medical cannabis is finally accepted as a legal drug for patients with a particular condition that can be alleviated by using weeds.

Lesotho follows next in making medical marijuana legal in its area. Jamaica, as the country where the Rastafarian culture is born (marijuana is a pivotal symbol as well as a tool on their religious belief and practices), has legalized marijuana since 2015.

Final Thoughts

Understanding cannabis laws in every part of the world will be beneficial for you each time you are going out of the country yet you are unsure of whether you can bring marijuana on your travels.

This applies particularly to those who need it for their treatment.
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