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Latest Cannabis Weed Subscription

Latest Cannabis Weed Subscription

cannabis subscription products

Learn About the Latest cannabis subscription products

Cannabis shops not only in Canada but also to other states offer subscription services. Cannabis subscription products can go from t-shirts to pipes. Each company offers its unique trademark on the products.

The most popular of the cannabis subscription products is the cannabis subscription boxes. These themed boxes offer different types of products, designs, arts, and even have educational materials in them to help educate other people about cannabis. Subscription services where you sign-up various subscription plans with different price tags, like how many goods and items will send you or the receiver per month.

Usually, you received cannabis subscription products monthly, and the theme is depending on what the company offers, this goes from cartoons, animated series, arts, luxuries, etc. cannabis subscription products is one way to appreciate you stoner friend, or just yourself.

Giving yourself the best possible experience you could have with marijuana. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, only a handful of companies ship their products to other states, mostly CBD-based and themed products. Then again, there’s no real risk in trying this system, most of the clients are satisfied and happy with their monthly presents.

Cannabis subscription products may sound like a dream, but these services do really exist. There is nothing like watching someone who is surprised when you give them the perfect present. That’s why holidays exist.

But, why should you restrict the happiness just for a couple of days a year?

The answer is subscription boxes. These are gifts that can be given all year round. 

There are subscription services for almost everything, pets, foods, fitness, beauty, etc. 

If you are new to the system, these services deliver a box full of goods and products from anything in the market monthly.

Subscription services do not just foster the relationship among those they delivered, but all subscription services offer discounts on their unique products.

The rise of subscription boxes

Cannabis subscription products are now a trend in Canada. Subscription services now deliver cannabis-themed products every month.

Cannabis subscription products are ranging from carefully curated pipes, vapes pens, trays, glass, wraps, paper, grinder, etc. 

Cannabis subscription products give the receiver the best cannabis consuming experience possible.

As there many cannabis subscription companies, it is hard to check them one by one, so, we compiled some of the popular Cannabis subscription products.

420 Goody Box

420 Goody Box subscription boxes give you cannabis subscription products at every level. They are known to cooperate with reputable independent brands for curating their products. 

This box is a perfect gift to people who wants to discover new and other small companies that are not yet known but produce excellent products.

This box comes with a ticket; they post a video on YouTube and every 18th of the month and announce the lucky 10 winners.

420 Goody Box giveaways include smoking gear, electronics, subscription weed boxes and, gift cards, gaming devices and cash.


This cannabis subscription product only focuses on products solely with high-quality CBD.

Cannaobox gives you $40 worth of items starting at $20.88 per month,

This gives you products with themes including Better Call Saul, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and Breaking bad.

These themed cannabis subscription products come in the form of pipes, ashtrays, t-shirt, and socks.

One of their famous themes includes a glow-in-the-dark mini bong in their Stranger Things pack that was just exclusive to their store. 

The company also offers the “Craft”, a CBD-based subscription box that includes selected lab-tested, drinks, smokeable and edibles.


For those who are looking for a CBD-based cannabis subscription product, maybe Nancy subscription boxes are the ones for you.  

Nancy has a wider mailing coverage than in the competition as the law’s restriction of CBD is unclear.

The Stoney Babe Box- Girly Smoker Babe accessories

The perfect cannabis subscription market for all the ganja girls. These subscription boxes have the all girly 12-15 accessories. This includes flavored papers, grinders, pipes, cones, CBD products, cute stash jars.

These cannabis subscription products are created by small businesses ran by women. 

Each box contains 5-10 hand-picked, unique, cute girly themed items that start at $60-$120. 

Hemp Crate Co

This cannabis subscription product contains three themed high-quality CBD subscription boxes monthly. 

The “Health & Wellness” includes all your medical and recovery needs.

The “Hempa the Explorer” which offers edibles, balms, and tinctures.

And the “Furry Friends” includes items and goods for you and your pets. 

These cannabis subscription products have constant curation. They offer shipping for a three and six-month subscription plan. All boxes contain educational material and the boxes come in 4-6 items for the starter pack and 5-8 items for the pros.  


One of the luxury cannabis subscription products. Aubox focuses to offer the luxury smoking experience to users to change the perspective of people on marijuana.

Their canna subscription products include a glamorous $6,000 Gold One Hitter.

Aubox has been featured and showed to various prestigious media outlets such as Forbes, Vouge, Sports Illustrated, San Francisco Chronicle, Observer, etc. 

“The Luxe Marijuana Subscription You’ve Been Dreaming Of” as stated by Vouge.

Aubox offers various themed subscription boxes like “Day and Night Box” that have accessories for daytime and nighttime use.

It’s for the consumer who likes to start their day with Sativa and cannabis Indica when relaxing and chilling at night.

They also offer the “Edibles Box” that includes chocolates, cookies, mints, sodas, gums, popcorn, and candies.

Edible is naturally effective as well as delicious.

And since many consumers say making love while high elevates the intensity of the experience, Aubox produced their “Intimates Box”.

This cannabis subscription product contains goods and items that are focused on romance and intimacy. This includes cannabis-infused bath bombs. Cannabis breath mints and massage oil. This subscription box also includes CBD lubricants to enhance pleasure and feminine health satisfaction, also with cannabis-themed candles and toys.


Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. Most cannabis subscription products are CBD-based. Other subscription does offer delivery to other states. But in Canada, THC-based cannabis subscription products are a trend.

The cannabis-themed subscription boxes are on the hot topic right now and go with various products almost for anything.


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