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High THC Cannabis Edibles: How To Find Them

High THC Cannabis Edibles: How To Find Them

Do you want to know how to find high THC cannabis edibles? Then, this article is for you.

With the different options available to cannabis users (smoking and vaping being the most common ones), marijuana-infused edibles have emerged as a more accessible and discreet way of consumption for both recreational and medicinal reasons. Dating back to as far as 1000 B.C., marijuana-infused foods and beverage mixes have been consumed throughout history. Used as medicine in ancient China and India, marijuana was then introduced to and adopted by Western medicine in the 19th century. This became popular for recreational use in the 1960s. Today, varieties of edibles are being sold to the market by marijuana dispensaries.

When choosing edible cannabis products online, high THC cannabis edibles from The Green Ace are treats you might opt for when looking for a convenient and delicious way to get super high.

Our high THC cannabis edibles come in a range of options (chocolate goods, beverage mixes, candies, gummies, jellies, and more) and potencies. These are produced under controlled environments, following strict processes for online dispensaries to ensure quality and reliability to users with high marijuana tolerances. Although high THC cannabis edibles are highly effective, long-lasting, and safe, users or patients must still exercise extreme caution when purchasing edibles.

Uses of cannabis edibles

With high levels of THC in cannabis edibles, many patients find this method of medication extremely beneficial. However, paying attention to the potency of each product is just as important as knowing how much cannabis edibles should be ingested.

Just like smoking or vaping, high THC cannabis edibles also undergo a heating process, known as decarboxylation. This process turns inactive cannabinoids to active forms. In this case, cannabinoids in marijuana edibles are activated by cooking or baking.

Patients prefer cannabis edibles for a few reasons. Not only are they discreet, they also are a much better option for chronic pain relief all day long without worrying about smelling cannabis after smoking. It is also an ideal treatment for muscle inflammation, spasms, insomnia, nervous system disorders, and cancer-related symptoms, among others.

Compared to smoked methods, cannabis edibles have long-lasting effects and are more consistent. With the smoked process, you receive small amounts of the cannabinoids in each draw, but the high instantly peaks, tapers back off, then gradually fades. Cannabis edibles tend to release its effects in waves where the top hits you more progressively and consistently for a longer time. A study shows that cannabinoids are processed by the stomach and digested to take effect for around six to eight hours.

Recommended High THC Cannabis Edibles

Here are some of our most recommended cannabis edibles:

Bliss Assorted Flavours – 200mg

If you’re in for a tropical burst of mouthwatering natural flavours, Bliss Assorted Flavours is your easy-to-dose treat. Each piece of this tropical cannabis-infused gummy contains a precise dose of THC.


For pleasant taste and long-lasting effects on-the-go, Lollipops 100mg THC by Kush Kitchen is your quick pick. Each lollipop contains 100mg of cannabis concentrate and is available in different flavours, including fruit punch, rootbeer, green apple, and more.


Watch your favourite T.V. series at home while enjoying bliss, relaxation, and relief. Each candy provides an incredible full-on body buzz for a good night’s sleep.

Astro Space Bar 300MG Reese Meteor Pieces

It sure does launch you to the moon. This delicious infusion of hand-crafted Reese’s chocolate bar and high-grade THC distillate makes your microdosing experience take you to an outer space trip.


Each candy of this eight-piece party pack is infused with 30mg of THC that helps reduce depression and hunger and induce feelings of euphoria and relaxation. It comes in assorted flavours.


Headache or back pain? Not a problem. If you have a higher “bliss point” for sweetness, a dose of Sour Keys gummy will let you enjoy its sweet healing pleasures. Each gummy is infused with 25mg THC that helps relieve chronic pains, stress, loss of appetite, and more.


It could be your special day, or you’ve just got a sweet tooth.  This Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar contains 1000mg of pure THC distillate infused into 15 easy bites of creamy Belgium white chocolate and coated with vanilla-flavoured sprinkles.


When you’re feeling lazy, unproductive, or socially anxious, this tasty treat will do the job. As its name implies, its uplifting effects offer high energy and motivation to get on with your day. So, if you’re on the lookout for happiness and medical fulfilment, look no further.

These are a few of some of the best high THC cannabis edibles in the market. Cannabis edibles are on the rise as they have become a more accessible way to snack while taking medications. How fancy could you feel eating a birthday cake chocolate bar or gummy that can get you high!

Where to buy high THC cannabis edibles

We at EZWeed Online believe that you deserve to get your hands on high-quality medicinal and recreational marijuana. For this, we ensure legalization and compliance with higher health and safety regulatory standards for safer, more pleasant edibles experiences.

As we strive to never get behind the competition with our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, we also go beyond our clients’ expectations with our highest-level marijuana products from the ground to your doorstep. Our mission is to provide legal and safe cannabis products, quickly delivered in discreet transactions, pre and post-purchase.

With our vast range of cannabis product selections and continually adding more, EZWeed Online will continue to serve you better. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.


When choosing marijuana, it’s essential to use legally-approved and safe products with discretion. We pride ourselves in providing you with premium cannabis products for treating anxiety, loss of appetite, chronic pain, PTSD, and any other medical conditions or for recreational purposes. Either way, knowing appropriate dosages that work best for you is imperative to avoid unwanted side effects.







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