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How to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking?

How to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking?

Not all cannabis users like to smoke. For individuals with lung issues, smoking cannabis might not even be an option. As the cannabis industry has grown over the years, a number of alternative consumption methods have continued to evolve. Let’s have a look at some options for smoke free marijuana usage.

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Vaping is a great alternative to consume your marijuana. Some benefits including a vaporizer that is a lot easier on the lungs, improved tasted over smoking, portability and discreetness. Vaping is able to vaporize the cannabis chemical compounds at a lower temperature which can be less harmful to your lungs.

If you are interested in trying out vaping, EZ Weed Online carries a solid selection of kits, batteries and cartridges to choose from.

You can learn more about vaping and its benefits here.


Another popular alternative to smoking is food and beverages infused with cannabis. You can make your own edibles by making Cannabutter, or buying from your favourite online dispensary EZ Weed Online. Cannabis edibles come in many different forms such as candies, baked goods, drinks and teas. A warning with edibles, smart with a lower dose and take your time before ingesting more. Edibles take longer to feel the effects and some users may experience psychoactive effects.


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Tinctures are infused cannabis compounds liquids. They are fast acting and offer a more measure way to control your dosing. Unlike with edible cannabis, the effects of tinctures can be felt quiet quit as the cannabis compounds are able to enter your bloodstream more immediately. Most tinctures come in a bottle with a measured dropper so you know how much you are getting.

EZ weed carries a variety of different tinctures to meet your specific needs.


Another form of cannabis that has been getting more popular in the last couple of years is infused lotions or balms. Topicals are applied directly to affected areas and can help with pain, sore muscles and swelling. Topicals are a popular option as you get the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects.


Cannabis concentrate live resin (extracted from medical marijuana) on a dabbing tool Macro detail of cannabis concentrate live resin (extracted from medical marijuana) isolated over white on a dabbing tool dabbing stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Dabbing is when you vaporize cannabis concentrates with a water pipe. Dabbing is a popular method of dosing cannabis because its a clean plant free way of consuming cannabis, can offer intense and potent effects as compared to smoking and because the dabbing process creates vaporize compared to smoke from a bong. This option may not be for the beginner but definitely another option for experienced users.

If smoking is not your thing, there are a lot of alternatives to consuming your cannabis as we have just covered.
Just remember that everyone may react to cannabis differently and some methods may be better for you than others depending on your intended usage.


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