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How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint

roll a joint

How To Roll A Joint

There a lot of different ways to enjoy your cannabis products like smoking flower, vapes, edibles and topicals to name a few. One of the most common is rolling a joint and smoking it. You only need a couple of supplies to get started, some patience and practice. Your technique will improve the more joints you roll.

So what supplies do you need to get started rolling your first joint? You will need: dried cannabis flower, a grinder and rolling papers. While optional, if you plan on using a filter, you will need some cardboard or hard paper to make the filter for your joint.

Grind It


We recommend using a good quality steel grinder as this will make your ground flower have an level consistency which will help it burn evenly and keep the flavour profiles intact. Make sure to space out your flower so your grinder is not too full. If you pack too much in your grinder, it can clump up and won’t grind well. Make sure you don’t over grind your flower. What you want to see is small pieces of flower, not a powder.

Filter It

Preparing marijuana cannabis joint. Drugs narcotic concept Preparing marijuana cannabis joint. Drugs narcotic concept. Close up rolling joint stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This is an optional step, but one we recommend. Using a filter will stop you from getting flower in your mouth when smoking and can keep your fingers safe from hot spots on the joint. There are some rolling papers you can buy that have their own filters or tips but you can easily make your own with a little rectangle of cardboard or firm paper.

Start on one end of the small cardboard rectangle, fold an accordion or W then roll the rest of the cardboard around it. Another option is, you can roll the rectangle into a spiral shape. It depends on your smoking preference. In our experience, the accordion or W filter does do a better job of keeping flower out of your mouth.

Fill It

Hands making cannabis joint at marijuana shop Hands making cannabis joint at marijuana shop roll joint stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Joints can be made in all different types of shapes and sizes, likewise with the type of rolling papers you can buy. The standard joint shape is a straight size, this allows you to have the same amount of flower throughout the whole joint.

To get started filling your paper, make sure it is shiny or glue side up. Place your filter on one end if you are using one. Proceed to fill the paper with  To fill the paper, first ensure the glue, or shiny, side of the paper is facing up. If you are using a filter, place it at one end of the paper. Fill the paper with your dried flower. Leave some empty space at the end opposite your filter.

Pack It

Hands of a 40 year old woman rolling a joint, prescribed by a doctor for her chronic illness. Alternative medicine rolling joint stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Roll or curl up the non glued or matte side of your paper up and around the ground flower. Use your thumb and fingers to roll it inside the paper. Keep rolling until the paper is well packed and makes a cylinder shape. Using a filter does help you with moulding the shape of your joint. It allows you to hold on to it while rocking the paper back and forth. Try not to put pressure right on the cannabis when forming your joint.

Roll It

Preparing marihuana drug cigar. Rolling cannabis into paper with filter Preparing marihuana drug cigar. Rolling cannabis into paper with filter. Close up rolling joint stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Once you have the edge of your paper (non-glued side) tucked around your packed flower, you can proceed rolling your joints Wet the glue on your rolling paper and hold it down against the joint for a second to secure it. Once rolled, on the open end of your joint, you can use a pen or something similar size to pack down your flower. You want it packed pretty tight in there. To close the end, you can fold or twist the open end. This will make sure your flower isn’t falling out of your freshly rolled joint.

Keep practicing and you will have it down in now time! If you don’t feel like rolling your own, we do carry pre rolled joints for your convenience.


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