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Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada

Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada

Looking forward to buy cheap shatter online Canada? You are in the right place. In this short guide we will discuss about shatter, its uses and where to buy them.

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Many people may not know about it, but a weed shatter is a form of cannabis extract with an appearance of shattered colored glass that is translucent, hence its name. The term itself is based on the glass-like structure and properties the extract has, and its ability to shatter into pieces like regular glass would.

This cannabis extract is considered one of the beautiful cannabis types currently available today, thanks to its photogenic properties due to its form. Aside from the name of weed shatter/shatter weed, it is also called by the following names: shatter wax, marijuana shatter, and shatter.

This form of cannabis extract is usually made from extracted oil from marijuana plants containing cannabinoids. Aside from that, most of the plants used for making shatter also commonly contain terpenes and other chemical compounds.
We will take a further look at the uses of weed shatter, the methods on how to use it, and where to buy cheap shatter online in Canada in the rest of this article.

What Are The Uses Of Shatter?

As a form of a cannabis extract, it is usually used for getting “high,” either for both medical or recreational needs for the person who has in need of consuming/intaking cannabis to their system. And the primary way of consuming weed shatters by several smoking processes, which are listed in the next paragraph below.

How To Use Shatter

As mentioned above, the primary way of consuming this kind of cannabis is via smoking. However, there are several types of smoking that consumers can do if they want to consume weed shatter, which is listed below:

Flower Topping

This method is the easiest to do, and the cheapest of the various smoking methods that can be used for smoking weed shatter extracts. A simple smoking tool called a bowl used for powdered extracts can be used for this smoking method, and it doesn’t need any fancy and complicated accessories to use with.

Another way of doing this method is wrapping a small portion of the shatter as wax on a joint (rolled grounded cannabis extract in paper shaped like a cigarette) will work if you do not have a bowl in-hand.


Not to be confused with the famous internet meme a few years back, this smoking method is done via a vaporizing process of the concentrate on a specialized tool called “dab rig,” in which an accompanying “nail” accessory that used to help directly apply the concentrate inside the chamber-like storage of the tool, being converted into vapor for consuming as a result of the hot temperature inside of the warehouse.


Vaporizers are a different method from the dabbing method since it has its subtypes of ways on how vaporizers are used. The two subtypes on this smoking method are listed below:

1. Pre-filled Vape Pen

If you want to smoke your weed shatter anywhere while being discreet at the same time, this method is perfect for you. Vaping tools are widespread nowadays. This kind of vaping tool is the one with a battery attached to a pre-filled cartridge inside the tool, wherein the cartridge is usually heated up for vaporizing the concentrate inside.

Usually named as vape pens, this is a one-time use vaping tool that you need to discard the pre-filled cartridge once emptied, but the whole vaping tool and the battery can be kept for next usage.

2. Handheld Vaporizer

The above method is meant for cannabis concentrates like the weed shatter, but how about oil from the shatter once it has melted? It will be your answer for smoking various types of cannabis oils.

However, unlike the pre-filled vape pen, you will need to manually fill the chamber inside the device with the oil or concentrate of your choice (some models can handle both concentrates and oils), and the next steps of using this tool are similar to the vape pen.

However, unlike the vape pen, you can use this tool repeatedly, as long as you have a supply of cannabis oil or concentrates on hand.

Recommended Shatters

We have two weed shatters that we recommend trying after reading this article from EZ Weed Online (EZW). Here at EZW, we ensure that our customers enjoy the highest quality and top-graded cannabis products that you can purchase from our online dispensary.

Below are the two of our recommendable and cheap weed shatters that you will surely enjoy consuming your end.

Lucky Extracts Shatter Blue God ($40 to $105)

This yellow transparent shatter is one of our best here at EZW. Consisting of an Indica-strain concentrate, which is best used during the afternoon, it is perfect for treating a number of illnesses which are listed below:

 Cancer
 Chronic pain
 Crohn’s disease
 Depression
 Fibromyalgia
 Gastrointestinal disorder
 Insomnia
 Irritability
 Muscle spasms
 Stress

Blackberry Kush – Shatter – Indica ($30)

The cheapest of the two shatters that we can recommend is a shatter with Indica-strain on it. Also best used in the afternoons, this is best suited for treating the following:

 Chronic pain
 Nausea
 Stress
 Depression
 Insomnia

Where To Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada

Several online dispensaries sell shatters and other various cannabis-related products. However, we at EZW are known for selling cheap, yet high-grade cannabis products that you will surely enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
You can check other shatter products that we currently have and the corresponding tools to use for those shatters on our website.


As we have mentioned in this article, weed shatter is just a different form of cannabis extract that has its method of consuming it via various smoking methods with specific tools.

One of the online dispensaries that sell shatters is EZW, wherein they have other products that you can enjoy.

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