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Weed and Coronavirus

Weed and Coronavirus

Weed and coronavirus both sparked a debate on medical opinions in the scientific world. Many months after the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic and urged us to stay safe and strengthen our immunity. As an infectious disease, COVID- 19 infected millions of people. It claimed the lives of many.

Today, as scientists geared towards the development of the vaccine, herbal plants and other medicines are put into a trial to test their effectiveness in treating the vaccine. While the vaccine is still at the stage of being developed, humans have to find ways to strengthen immunity and to take weeds may be one of the options.

Studies show that weeds strengthen one’s immunity and stabilize health conditions. In some instances, it positively affects the immune system of people having HIV and other diseases. Relatively, it helps boost a person’s immune system. Hence, weeds make the body stronger in fighting against infections and conditions that may develop in the body.

Coronavirus and Its Symptoms

Coronavirus will infect anyone, at any stage and in any walk of life. As an infectious disease, COVID-19 quickly infects susceptible hosts like people who have a low immune system, respiratory illnesses, and other related disorders. Upon getting the infection, the person may show symptoms within 5 to 6 days, and in some cases, symptoms will show off 14 days after the infection. While symptoms like fever, headache, and cough may be evident, some asymptomatic patients may not show any signs of the disease.

Suspected patients with coronavirus may experience mild to moderate respiratory illness with the following symptoms:

  • The most common symptoms may include dry cough, fever, and tiredness.
  • On the other hand, less common symptoms include aches and pains, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, rash on the skin, and discoloration of fingers or toes.
  • Moreover, severe symptoms include shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and loss of speech or movement.
    Patients who experience the less-severe symptoms may recover without requiring special treatment. Unfortunately, many patients lose their lives in fighting the reign of viruses inside their bodies.

These are usually older people who have underlying medical causes. They require intensive medical treatment, and due to the underlying medical conditions, their body failed to respond to the treatment, which eventually made them lose the battle.

How Coronavirus Affects the Body

In Canada, the death toll has already risen to 7, 637 with 93, 715 positive COVID cases as of the newest report. Among the common questions would be, “How does this virus quickly transmit and kill millions of people in just a matter of months?”

Here is a simple explanation as an answer to that question:

Coronavirus is an infectious disease. It rapidly spreads through the droplets of saliva from an infected person who sneezed and coughed in a public area. The virus hangs in the droplets for hours, waiting for the next victim to come along. Without a mask and proper hand-washing, the infection may find its way to enter the human body. It will then drip into one’s throat or lungs. There, the bacteria will start to thrive.

Once it starts to succeed, the lungs will be infected, and more phlegm is produced, which will block the airways of the body. The oxygen carriers of your body will then find it hard to deliver the needed oxygen all over your body.

As a result, your brain will be affected, causing emotional and psychological disturbances. Right after, the failure of other body parts will follow, which will cause the death of the unfortunate patients. Generally, this virus kills people slowly and unpredictably.

Weed and the Coronavirus

Aside from hand-washing and wearing of masks, we can prevent ourselves from acquiring the coronavirus through strengthening our immunity. Recent studies show that weeds help strengthen the immune system of people. As it helps boost the immune system of those who have HIV and AIDs, this may also have similar effects to the immune system of a regular person.

How does it work then?

Cannabis has immunosuppressive qualities. This helps reduces inflammation. Also, cannabinoids help dampen the immune system’s response to an infection. These properties of weeds are useful in fighting viruses that may exploit inflammation. It stops the virus from replicating.

However, more research and scientific studies are needed to back up this theory. But, given this benefit, it gives some assurance that there are many ways to help us get away from the virus. There is no harm in trying, after all.


Coronavirus had taken its toll in the world. It claimed the lives of many. It disrupted the ordinary living of people by closing churches, restricting more significant gatherings, closing leisure establishments, and dragging the economy to its lowest point, making a lot of people suffer from hunger.

With these scenarios, there is only one thing that we could think – prevent ourselves and our families from acquiring the virus. Since a vaccine is not yet available, everyone must ensure safety by washing hands, wearing masks, and having an adequate intake of healthy supplements. People can also try herbs, including medicinal weeds.

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The feeling of security amidst the pandemic is all we need at present. Boost your immune system and be securely healthy. Pick the weed of your choice and order it now!

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