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Cannabis edibles in Canada – can you buy them online?

Cannabis edibles in Canada – can you buy them online?

Over the last few years, cannabis edibles have become increasingly popular all over the world. In countries like Canada, where marijuana is totally legal, products like pot-infused gummies, candies, cookies, brownies, drinks, and other edibles are in high demand. When the historic 2018 Cannabis Act of Canada decriminalized the use and sale of recreational marijuana all over the country, it didn’t include the edibles and concentrates initially. But with the rollout of cannabis 2.0 regulations in October 2019, this cap has been removed. Nowadays, for the lovers of cannabis edibles Canada is undoubtedly one of the best places to be at. The country provides some of the world’s best cannabis edibles, a great variety of products and easy access to them. Apart from the usual brick-and-mortar marijuana retail dispensaries, edibles can be bought online. Follow the rest of this post to know more about it.

Cannabis edibles Canada

Edibles are a fun way of consuming marijuana. Without the need for any additional accessory or paraphernalia, they are undoubtedly the easiest and most discreet delivery method for cannabis. Buy your favorite pot brownie, cookies, candies or any other cannabis-infused food-item, just eat what you need and you are all set. There are no hassles like rolling a joint, charging the vape device or cleaning the dab rig. It is definitely the cleanest way of doing marijuana. Being ingestible, cannabis edibles will give you a longer high and symptom relief. This makes it extremely useful for the medical patients who could ensure a much longer period of relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression or any other physical/mental issue. Also, it is a much healthier way to consume marijuana as there is no risk of harming your lungs or throat like smoking and vaping. On top of it all, edibles are delicious, really exciting treats for your taste buds.

These factors have made cannabis edibles extremely popular in Canada. Last year in October, when the edibles were legalized, the edibles market, according to a cannabis industry expert, was ‘estimated to be worth at least $1.6 billion a year in Canada, with cannabis-infused beverages adding a further $529 million.’ According to one report, it is now the second most favorite form of marijuana to the first time health and wellness users. Big cannabis corporates of Canada are funneling top dollar to develop an extensive range of cannabis-infused food-items and beverages. For the industry of cannabis edibles Canada presents a fast growing market.

Online sale of cannabis edibles Canada

Online mail order marijuana (MOM) services have totally revolutionized cannabis consumption in Canada. A large number of Canadians now prefer online cannabis dispensaries for an easy and hassle-free experience. Online sale of cannabis edibles is uniquely beneficial for medical patients who consume edibles for longer symptom reliefs. For many of them leaving their home and driving to the local pot dispensary to get their supplies is extremely hard, if not impossible altogether. Through the online MOMs they can now access the best cannabis edibles in the market.

There are now a large number of licensed cannabis vendors and producers who sell a variety of top-class cannabis edibles. It is very easy to buy these products online and get them delivered to your doorstep – you only need an internet connection, some basic documents to confirm your legal age, a legitimate postal address and access to digital money for that. It is totally safe and discreet. All the personal information you submit to the website is well encrypted and secure. Your edibles will be delivered in discreet, vacuum-sealed packages. If you choose the right website, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products.

Cannabis edibles Canada – which products are available

Online dispensaries and retail websites offer a huge range of edible products to their customers. From gummies, candies, chocolates, lollipops, caramels, brownies, cookies, cakes, Swiss rolls, pop tarts and other innovative food-items to a variety of teas, coffees and other beverages – the edible consumers have plenty of options before them. Like any other cannabis derivatives, the edibles also come with THC, CBD or balanced varieties and an impressive range of flavors, shapes and colors.

Where to buy cannabis edibles Canada online

In recent times, many top-rated edibles brands have come up in the Canadian cannabis industry. Some of the leaders of the Canadian weed edibles industry include Speed Greens, Aura Edibles, Mota Cannabis Infused Edibles, Mary’s Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Herbivore Edibles, Baked Edibles, Ed’n Bills Edibles, Quide Edibles, Canna Co Medibles and Pure Relief CBD among others. All of these premium quality products are available through a variety of retailer’s websites and online MOM services. Canada has a large number of online marijuana dispensaries. While they sell all kinds of cannabis products and accessories, some of them specialize in the edible products. It is always better to buy from a website that specializes in the edibles because they can offer more options and much better prices to their customers than other dispensaries. There are also some unique edible products which will be hard to find elsewhere.

Best online dispensaries usually offer discount coupons, special deals, promotional sales and attractive loyalty points on the edibles. They usually provide free shipping for orders above a certain amount. You are typically required to pay through a safe e-transfer method. The orders are delivered to the customer’s postal address is secure and discreet packages via a trusted courier service like the Canada Post. Premium MOM websites selling edibles generally provide 24/7 customer services to guide you through the whole process and resolve any issue.

While buying cannabis edibles online, never forget to check the credentials of the website. Make sure that they have their required licenses and are selling good-quality products. Look for the customer ratings. The feedback and reviews from the customers, who have previously bought from the website, can be extremely valuable for understanding how good their products or delivery services are. Choose online dispensary wisely and you’ll get the best cannabis edibles at their best prices!


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