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Smoking THC: Why is Dabbing Better Than Smoking THC

Smoking THC: Why is Dabbing Better Than Smoking THC

Times have certainly changed for the better when it comes to smoking THC. Technology nowadays enables us to enjoy smoking THC without any danger to our health.

To feel your marijuana’s effects, you will need heat for THC in your cannabis to dicarboxylate and release the other cannabinoids into the air when inhaling.

Ways on Inhaling Marijuana

Today, there are two ways for inhaling marijuana; these are:


The method uses heat to vaporize the THC and other cannabinoids in your buds to create vapor.


This method uses flame; it results in combustion and a chemical process that produces smoke.
One of the well-known methods of consuming your concentrates is called “dabbing.” Advocates of “dabbing” declare that the THC delivery method is far safer than the conventional way of smoking THC. Combustion creates harmful smoke that is bad for your lungs and body.

However, its dry herb counterpart proponents believe that dabbing can also harm oneself because of harmful chemical ingestion.
Others also believe that dabbing also poses a risk for newbies due to its potency. Since the THC concentration in dabbing is always higher, it can cause an intense reaction than your usual way of smoking THC.
But first, why don’t we talk about smoking THC, especially about THC.

What is THC?

There are at least about483 known cannabinoids that can be found in your cannabis plant. The two main known cannabinoids in your marijuana are THCA or the tetrahydrocannabinol acid and CBD or cannabidiol.

To feel the effects of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, you need first to produce THC from the THCA, this process is known as decarboxylation. Through heating, THCA, the non-psychoactive version of THC, will be decarboxylated and will become THC, the psychoactive-cannabinoid which all weed lovers enjoy.

THC brings you the “high feeling” and its therapeutic effects, which all weed enthusiasts benefit from.

Smoking THC

Since ancient times, people have been consuming a lot of weed. They were smoking THC for their spiritual, medicinal, and recreational activities, and their ways have been passed to our young generations. The simplest way of smoking THC, light it up!
Lighting your weed with flames is the most basic way for smoking THC; it has been around for so long that you light your joints, spliffs, blunts, glass pipes, bowls, and bongs.

However, many weed lovers take care of their bodies, that is why in modern times, many ways have sprung up for consuming cannabis than just smoking THC.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the act of consuming dabs, so what is a dab? Dabs are cannabis concentrates that contain high levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Dabs are made using solvents such as butane, carbon dioxide, and ethanol that make the concentrates become sticky oils. These concentrates are then named depending on its consistency, dabs can be referred to as budder, wax, shatter, and BHO (butane hash oil).

While there are CBD dominant dabs on the market, THC is responsible for the potency of the cannabis concentrates, making them the most efficient and fastest way to get high.

Some methods of making dabs can preserve the aroma and flavors of the strains they were made in.
To put it simply, dabbing is another way of consuming cannabis, where you put the dabs on a heated surface, which will convert them into vapor for inhaling. Without any burning matter that will turn into harmful smoke, all you get from dapping is your potent THC, cannabinoids, and in some dabs, you can also taste the flavor and smell those sweet aromas.

Dabbing vs Smoking

Smoking THC through a joint, pipes, bowls, or bongs depends on combustion to produce smoke we inhale. However, combustion produces a lot of byproducts that are harmful to your health.

People believe that smoking THC is much safer than smoking tobacco, but studies find that it all boils down to the combustible plant matter.
On the other hand, dabbing uses the THC’s vaporization, instead of conceiving of it as a complex chemical reaction, think of it as changes in the state of matter of THC, from liquid to gas. It is the same with boiling water, where it turns into vapor. This means that no other plant matter is present when you inhale the THC and cannabinoid of the concentrate.

To gauge the distinctive difference between dabbing and smoking THC, we need first to create criteria where we can compare the two.


Dabs are more potent than your regular marijuana flower.
Dabbing can give faster and more intense high than smoking THC. Even with the highest THC cannabis strains, which usually have 15%-25% THC, it cannot be compared to cannabis concentrates, which usually contain about 50%-90% THC levels.


Both dabs and buds are safe for us to consume if we consume them with care. Smoking THC buds can burn your fingers and can worsen some respiratory ailments if you are not careful.
Dabs are very much safe to consume but very dangerous to make. Making them put your lives and your surroundings into a dangerous zone as you need solvents to make them. However, there are also other solventless extraction methods to create dabs.


Unlike smoking THC, which produces smoke with many harmful byproducts, dabbing only produces vapor that is smoke-free, which health-lovers consumers enjoy.
However, some dabs can be dangerous to your health because of chemical ingestion. Some concentrates made with solvents such as ethanol and butane are sometimes left in the final product, which is harmful chemicals. Third-parties can check dabs for safety.


Sure, you can taste those delightful flavors of your strain by just smoking it. However, dabs deliver new heights of flavors that you can only taste in dabbing.

With a cleaner substance without any other plant matters, a higher THC, cannabinoid, and terpene contents, you will surely be hooked on a cleaner and healthier way of consuming your marijuana.
However, some of the aroma and flavor may be lost due to its extraction process, as the terpenes are very sensitive to heat.

Dabbing is better than Smoking THC.

Without any combustion, surely dabbing is a healthier way to consume your marijuana.
Vaporizers produce cannabinoid vapors without any harmful byproducts that may compromise your health.
Dabs also give more flavor and aroma than your regular buds, and with a higher concentration of THC, dabbing offers you faster THC delivery with strong high you will surely love.

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