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Tips to Prolong Your Cannabis Stash: Most Recommended

Tips to Prolong Your Cannabis Stash: Most Recommended

Keeping cannabis fresh and potent for a long time is tricky, so we have compiled these simple yet effective tips to prolong your cannabis stash.

Tips To Prolong your Cannabis Stash

To help you out, we have compiled some of the best tips to prolong your cannabis in these desperate times. For a regular stoner, especially those who are heavy smokers not only try to make their stash last longer but almost trying to find ways to afford it. Unfortunately, not everyone has lots of weed money like Snoop D O double G.

Consumption awareness of your stash is very important, especially when you are on a budget or someone who likes to control their weed tolerance. Finding the right balance between the amounts of pot you consume and the time between those pot sessions might be hard sometimes.

If you are a stoner, you already know that your stash usually runs out fast. But, is there ways and techniques to make your weed stash last longer? Of course, there is, you can try some of these methods, and others are, well, pretty obvious.

Tips you can try out to make your weed stash last longer.

1. Avoid Wake and Bake

We all knew that we all love to wake ‘n bake, every stoner knew that it gives you that unique high that last whole morning, or even throughout the day. However, this will make you sometimes smoke another joint without you realizing it. The worst-case scenario? When you are super high and can’t do anything the whole day.

There is no better time to smoke your weed than the end of your day, where you relax without any worries.
Unless you are a cannabis medical patient, it is best to have a fewer sessions with your recreational weeds. Instead of planning to wake ‘n bake, why not save that joint for your late-night session as your reward.

2. Blunts and Roaches Efficiency

Unlike how you get the most out of your Nutella in the jar, this technique is quite nasty. If you do prefer joints and blunts, this may help you to get the most out of your stash.

I’m sure you are already aware that not all of your weed is burned in your roaches when you toss it away. Why not save it for your later session again. And yes, these roaches will taste nasty but it will help you make your stash last longer. Well, going to save your stash in these desperate times.
If you can’t stand the taste of these roaches, you can always put it in your bowl.

3. Self-Discipline

Limiting your consumption is the best way to make your weed stash last longer. It is easy to be tempted to blaze one when you have nothing to do in your home or have a bad day.

Other than setting the amount you would like to consume per day, you can try to hide your other stash.

This way, it can help you minimize your consumption, and also, your tolerance.

4. Smoke Wise

Observing and analyzing how the weed burns (how evenly and how fast) in your bowl can be called smart smoking.
By doing this, you can come up with your toking techniques to increase efficiency with your stash. A canoeing joint and an uneven burn (bad burn) may shorten your joint’s lifespan. This is the same with your glassware.

5.  Store Your Buds Properly

Storing your stash properly will not just make your weeds safe from molds, it also makes your stash last longer.
Store you weeds in an airtight container to avoid molds, molds make your weed nasty, not only nasty but it destroys your stash as well.
If you still store your weed in Ziploc baggies, switch to airtight glass jars and begin stashing like a pro.

6. Use a kief-friendly, 4-piece grinder

When smoking leisurely in your home, a kief-friendly grinder is a smart move. This 4-piece grinder makes finely ground weeds for all sorts of techniques to smoke weed. Either you are packing your bong to rolling your sweet joint.

Finely ground weeds offer an even-burning bowl, slow-burn joints. A kief-friendly collection is a must-have when your weed stash runs out. Not only that you can collect the most potent part of your weed, but it can also help lit the fire of your bowl. For the rainy days of your stash, you can collect the kief and smoke it.

7. Vaporizer

Weed does offer an immediate effect when smoking it. However, the high you feel wear off faster than using vaporizers.
If you switch suddenly to vaporizers when you are used to smoking, this will greatly affect how your regular pot session works. Vaporizers offer balanced effects and also last longer. A safer alternative than inhaling ashes. As a bonus, you can use the spent buds and cook edibles from it. More efficient use of weeds.

8. Cook Yourself some Edibles

Cooking some edibles or baking some weed-infused brownies may need a quiet of nugs. But, unlike smoking your weed, weed-infused edibles offer as a different kind of head and body high. Not only that edible kick in I a matter of time, but also the effects last longer.
You can feel the “high” anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, and the good thing is that you don’t need to eat much to reach the “high” you wanted.

You can almost cook any kinds of edibles as long as you learned how to create cannabutter or weed-infused olive oil.
One of the best things about edibles is that they don’t produce smoke, stronger and longer “high”. If you are a beginner, it is best to take caution of edibles.


Every stoner and cannabis enthusiast knows that weed is essential to their lifestyle and costs a bit amount of money. They create techniques and methods on how to conserve their stash efficiently.

From storing your stash properly to self-discipline is what needed to achieve a longer-lasting weed stash.
Each of the techniques mentioned earlier can help you make your stash last longer. And, no one likes to burn their stash quickly without even them realizing. But armed with knowledge, you’ll be surprised by the changes you can do.


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