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The Top Indica Strains That Everyone Should Try

The Top Indica Strains That Everyone Should Try

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug and is also known as marijuana. This drug came from plants in India known as cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. It is used as an anti-depressant drug and is consumed as a relaxant with calming effects by those suffering from mental problems. Aside from that, it can also be used for treating chronic pain.

Cannabis contains cannabinoids like the following, with their own effects and uses. CBD (cannabidiol) is non-psychoactive, which means that it is not strong enough to make a person ” high”. It is used to reduce pain and help those who have migraines, seizures, anxiety, depression and many other conditions. CBD can be take orally or applied topically. Its use depends on the product.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive cannabinoid. It has strong components that may be responsible for most marijuana’s psychological effects or what we call it ” high”. THC is more concentrated and activates the brain receptors for thinking, memory, pleasure and coordination. It interferes with how information is processed in our brain and the part responsible for creating new memories. THC can induce hallucinations, can change the way a person thinks and can cause delusions. The effects can last for about two hours and you may start to feel 10 to 30 minutes after ingestion. This substance has lots of benefits that have been shown to help treat PTSD, epilepsy, depression, or even eating problems. THC can be used in different ways like syrups, oils, used in medicine and topicals, including lotions used as anti-inflammatory products.

Although these two components have almost the chemicals, THC and CBD act differently. Knowing about these substances can help us differentiate between the two major types of cannabis plants, Indica and Sativa.

The difference between Indica and Sativa

These two are species of cannabis. They have similar features but have specific differences.

Sativa has skinny, light green leaves and are tall, slim plants. This type is used for stimulating. It boosts energy, eases depression, and increases focus. The best time to use it is during the daytime. It is also high in CBD levels.

Indica is a short, bushy plant with broad, dark green leaves. It is used for relaxing. It acts as sedative, relieves pain, and stimulates appetite. The best time to use is during the nighttime. It is also high in THC levels.

Sativa are known for ” head high” energizing effects that will reduce anxiety and stress. On the other hand, Indica are associated with full effects, such as deep relaxation and decreased insomnia.

The most important differences between these two are the medical effect of each strain, how each influences energy levels and the richness of aroma. Sativa tends to be a better fit for mental problems, while Indica may be the best for pain and inflammation. When it comes to their aroma, Indica tends to fusty, earthy, and frowsty, while Sativa smells pleasant, fruity and spicy.

Top Indica Strains

Rockstar OG kush

This is a living rockstar among these strains. It is made by combining Rockstar and OG kush. Rockstar OG is a pure hybrid strain. It’s a cross between indica and hybrid that have been spliced many times to breed. After consuming, the effects begin to take place in the body. A numbing sensation may be felt from head to toe. Rockstar OG kush delivers a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and a desire to eat. It is best used for chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation and stress. The best time to use it is during night time.

Pink kush

This is a indica-dominant hybrid. It has powerful body-focused effects. Pink kush has very strong THC potency and a sweet balanced aroma. It is a relative of OG kush, one of the most popular strains. Pink kush is very effective as medical treatment. The effects are calming with happy feelings.

Nine pound hammer

This is a heavy-hitting Indica. It is visually impressive with large, chunky, and multi-coloured flowers. 9-pound hammer hits users over the head with its heavy-duty sensation.

Violator kush

This is a indica-dominant hybrid. This strain is high in THC levels. It is a very social strain causing many users to feel more talkative. Violator kush may also alleviate the pressures of stress and anxiety in the mind. The best time to use it at night so it can relieve insomnia. This will make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Hash plant

Hash plant is a pure indica strain. The flavor and aroma are earthen spiciness and sweetness. The deliciously spicy taste gives way to a quick and powerful sensation. The effects make users relaxed and sleepy. This is a good choice for treating insomnia and gastrointestinal disorder. The best time to use it during night time.

Death bubba

This is an indica-dominant hybrid. Death bubba is one of the best products for relaxation and pain relief. It will help you to reach deep sleep. This strain’s aroma is the flavor of spicy lemon and musk. This strain treats insomnia, appetite loss, pain, headaches, and even cancer symptoms. The best time to use it is at night.

BC Rockstar

This is one of the popular strains in British Columbia because of its awesome quality in treating appetite problems and in dealing with pain. This has very relaxing effects.

UBC Chemo

This is a pure indica strain that is also popular in British Columbia. It is very rare and grows like a bonsai tree. This is a strong type of marijuana with high THC levels up to 29%. It relieves stress and nausea and has strong analgesic properties.

Watermelon kush has a refreshing flavor with its unique watermelon aroma. This strain will make you feel more focused and may lead to paranoia. The effects may begin as tingling around eyes and forehead which can soon bring a warm feeling that leads to physical relaxation feeling. Watermelon kush has several benefits for the patient suffering from aches and pains. It is also good for patients who are prone to anxiety.

By all counts and with proven results, medical marijuana can be used for medical purposes. It has properties that are similar to stimulants and anti-depressants. It will help a patient who suffer from any type of pain or those with mental health problems. The use of cannabis can give people pleasure and therapeutic benefits. Although it has benefits, we should also be aware of its harm or side effects. We all know that everything should be taken in moderation.


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