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How to make CBD Tinctures? The ultimate guide for beginners

How to make CBD Tinctures? The ultimate guide for beginners

CBD tinctures

2020 Ultimate Guide to CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures today are one of the staple products medical marijuana patients use for their medical treatment daily.

CBD tinctures are widely available in Canada.

While THC-rich cannabis is legal, many marijuana consumers still prefer CBD-based, non-psychoactive products.

 Because CBD doesn’t give you the “high” feeling, products of this kind are widely use in medical treatments.

However, there are many people who ask if can you vape CBD tincture,

But before that, let us ask them why do they vape.

What is the Reason people Vape?

Many of us do not know the term “vaping”, unless you are smoking cigarettes and want to stop, or you are in a community where vaping is frequent.

Vaping is said to be a safer alternative than tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the reason for the invention of vape was also tobacco.

Since it was reported that smoking cigarettes do more harm to your body with its toxic chemicals, smokers started to find alternatives for their nicotine intake.

It then resulted in the vaping industry which offers a safer alternative to cigarette smoking.

In the cannabis industry, vaping is not new. Actually, since the dawn of the 90’s, marijuana consumers have been using vaping technologies. Yet, handheld vaporizers spearheaded the vaping industry in recent years.

Today, everywhere you go, people are vaping in designated smoking areas to get their nicotine fixed, and of course, to consume their cannabis especially CBD-rich marijuana.

These handheld vaporizers consist of atomizer, batteries, a mouthpiece, a chamber, and of course, they do have multiple accessories for sale to suit your style.

The atomizer heats the e-juice in the chamber to create vapor with the help of the battery, then you inhale the vapors through the mouthpiece.

How to make CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are meant to be ingested. CBD vape oils and CBD tinctures are made with totally different methodologies.

To create tinctures, you soaked the cannabis leaves and flowers in high-concentration grain alcohol to get your CBD.

Then, extract all of the alcohol by applying low heat in a prolonged time.  

These days, CBD-based products are created by extracting CBD with C02 methods. This means that c02 extraction methods are far safer for consumption than using alcohol.

Then you need Olive oils, hemp seed oils, or MCT oils, these carrier oils where the extracted CBD would be diluted.

Then, to smoothen the CBD hempy flavor in the oil, you can add artificial or organic flavoring.

So, Can I vape tinctures and ingest e-juice?

Many people still don’t know the difference between a CBD tincture and a CBD e-juice.

So, what are the components of an e-juice? Your usual e-juice is made with Propylene Glycol, Vegetable glycerin, and your favorite natural derived flavors, you can also have your additional CBD in your e-juice. 

All of these components are not toxic to your body. This just means that you can ingest your e-juice like your tincture without any effects. But remember, e-juices are meant to be vaped.

 As we have mentioned above the way of making tinctures and making an e-juice is different

Tinctures are typically made with CBD, oils, and Flavorings. But oils are not suitable for vaping.

 Vaping CBD Oil Tinctures

 Technically, you can vape CBD tinctures, but medical says otherwise.

 Many cannabis patients admitted that vaping CBD e-juice gives them strong and quick relief to their chronic pains.

Also, recent studies show that one effective way to cease your cigarette smoking habit is by vaping CBD-infused e-juice.

 However, because of today’s abundance of various CBD-based products, the term tinctures, oils, and vape juice create confusion to the masses.

CBD tincture and CBD oil can be used to refer to each other for the reason of the main component of tincture is oil.

But if referring CBD e-juice, an e-juice is solely used for vaporizers or vapes.

So, it is best not to vape CBD oils or CBD tinctures for the reason of being those products are literally made with oils.

Vaping oils will give you an unpleasant experience.

 Then, what will happens if you put oils in your vaporizer?

It is recommended not to put oils or tinctures in your vaporizer. Why?

Here’s why:

  • CBD oils will clog your vaporizer because oils are thick without any thinning agents. Thus damaging your vaporizer 
  • Oils in CBD tinctures are literally oils that will produce unpleasant smoke if you burn it.
  • As we said earlier, tinctures don’t contain any thinning agents for vape pens. The usual thinning agents used in e-juice are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which have a ratio of 50:50. This means that e-juice is suitable for stainless, nickel or titanium coils. If oils are used, this will damage the vaporizer and produce unpleasant flavors.

Vaping CBD-based Oils/tinctures are bad

And yet again, e-juice is for vaporizers and BCD oils/tinctures are for ingesting.

This is a very important clarification to make. Because, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are optimized for stainless, nickel and titanium coils.

If CBD tinctures or oils are used, it can cause you a condition known as lipid pneumonia

Lipid pneumonia

 Exogenous lipid pneumonia, you can get this condition if lipoids enter your body through your nose and mouth and can cause inflammation in your lungs.

Signs and symptoms of lipid pneumonia are chest pain, fevers, chronic cough and difficulty in breathing.

 Hemoptysis, coughing up blood and dysphagia, difficulty in swallowing are the less common symptoms of dysphagia


Because of so many different CBD products today, CBD-based oils, tinctures and e-juice create confusion to the consumers.

It is reported that it is more effective if CBD is inhaled, yes, unless you want to inhale burnt smoke from oils.

Many vapers claim that they don’t fall ill with vaping CBD tinctures and oils, however, negative effects this is a well-known fact in the science community.

It is not advisable to vape CBD-based oils as it can damage your vape or even worse, you get lipid pneumonia.

Remember that CBD e-juice was made for vapes and CBD-based tinctures and oils are for ingestion, only.


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