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Ways to Tell the Difference between Good and Bad weed

Ways to Tell the Difference between Good and Bad weed

Good and Bad weed

Novice smokers who are buying weed for the first time always have a chance of ending up with the poorest buds which taste as bad as they smell. It is therefore vital for all cannabis enthusiasts to learn the difference between good and bad weed so that the chances of wasting your hard earned money on bad pot is completely eliminated. Keep reading to find out how to distinguish between good and bad cannabis even before smoking it.

Check the color of the buds

This is one of the quickest ways of knowing the difference between good and bad weed. Good cannabis buds are generally greenish in color depending on the strain you are choosing. Often the green comes with a tinge of orange, yellow, purple, red and blue but above all it is green.

This is why you need to be wary of those brown colored buds which appear dry and brittle. Good buds should be fresh, soft and resinous. Dry, brittle and brown weed might indicate the presence of mold, pesticides and chemicals and for this reason, should not be smoked.


All the best weed strains come with a white coat of trichomes on the surface of the buds. Before buying your pot always ensure that the buds are coated with a thick white crystalline layer. It is the trichomes that hold together the cannabinoids and the THC present in your bud. The better your weed, the more crystals it has and the more sticky it feels. The best buds in the market come with just the right balance between dry and sticky. Make sure not to mistake moist and wet buds for sticky and resinous ones. If the buds are dry or moist just avoid them. Be mindful of the texture of the cannabis as it can tell you a lot about the quality and potency of the weed.

Stay away from leafy weed

Buds with leaves are as a rule less potent, hard on the throat and overall not good. Leafy buds imply that your weed contains more fluff than real buds. The best weed is always harvested, cured and trimmed with the utmost care and they contain only a very negligible portion of leaves. Always go for weed with tiny stems, sticks and fewer seeds as opposed to weed with leaves and hairs.

Smell the buds

After you complete the visual inspection of the cannabis, it’s time to pay attention to the aroma of the buds. Smelling the buds is a proven and time-tested way of knowing the quality of buds you are going for. What you need to do is check the intensity of the scent of the bud. The more powerful the smell, the better your weed is. The top-notch buds give off a scent so strong that the room fills up with the aroma even before you open the bag properly. The best strains of cannabis can be easily told by its herby, hashy, sweet and skunky smell which is always pleasing. At times you might also be able to detect the tones of berries, banana, orange, lemon, strawberry, or grape. All these are indications that the bud in your hand is of the best quality.

Bad weed, on the other hand, has a dull, harsh and bland or even moldy smell. If the weed you are trying out smells anything like burning leaves or moldy grass then don’t even consider buying it.

Feel the cannabis in your hand

While buying weed for the first time, you should definitely feel the buds in your hand before coming to a decision. As we already mentioned before, the best weed is usually mildly dry but mostly sticky. So take the weed in your hands to figure out if the batch is dry or sticky. Bad and dry weed generally crumbles to dust on breaking by fingers. If the buds feel moist or soggy then it’s a bad sign. The buds need to be sticky and resinous instead of moist and soggy. Before making the purchase always feel the buds to ascertain its texture and you will be able to identify if it’s good or bad weed

Orange hairs

Professionally cured cannabis which is properly matured and pollinated usually comes with tiny orangish hairs. So if you can see tiny orange hairs on the buds then you can be sure that the stuff is of good quality.

Seeds stems and sticks

All the best strains have one thing in common: they always lack in the 3 ‘S’ which are seeds, stems and sticks. The good buds always have very little sticks and stems and zero seeds. Always go for thick resinous buds which are devoid of the three ‘S’.

Identifying moldy cannabis

The easiest way of checking for moldy weed consists of a thorough visual inspection of the buds. If you can trace a film of dust in the bud then break it and look closely. In case there is a moldy smell with dark spots, white patches and spider web like strands then you can be sure that the pot is moldy. Checking the smell of the buds is also a good way of mold detection. Moldy weed smells like human pee and sweat. So if your bud isn’t smelling of terpenes and trichomes its always suggested that you stay away from it.

Keep in mind that poor quality cannabis can take a toll on your health and wellbeing. Consuming low-grade weed can be extremely bad for your throat, lungs and even your nerves. This is why it is important to properly inspect the weed before you proceed to buy. If possible it is also suggested that you taste a bit of the weed. When it comes to taste, good weed always feels fresh, rich and invigorating on your palate while bad weed tastes somewhat harsh and acrid. To get the best quality buds keep away from the shady street dealers and instead find a reputable weed dispensary or online marijuana store in your city.


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