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DIY Cannabis Home Tricks: Boost Your Cannabis

DIY Cannabis Home Tricks: Boost Your Cannabis

In today’s market, medical and recreational cannabis usage has been either fully legalized (such as Canada) or partially legalized (such as the United States) for public usage. Due to this, many have created their own DIY cannabis home tricks that they can use when consuming their cannabis product of choice.

However, doing your own DIY cannabis home tricks can sometimes be very tricky to do so (no pun intended there). Therefore, various online lists focusing on DIY cannabis home tricks that you can easily follow online have appeared continuously on the internet, confusing most cannabis users on which to follow.

Sadly, those said DIY cannabis home tricks lists and articles were either lacking in information or are just plain confusing overall to the readers. To avoid that, we will make this article detailed enough for you, the reader, to understand the proper DIY cannabis home tricks that you can safely do at the comfort of your own home while not being overloaded with information about the said tricks.

Without further ado, let us dive deeper into this article on properly doing DIY cannabis home tricks on your home properly and safely.

Understanding the Creation Process of DIY Cannabis Home Tricks

When it comes to an understanding of the essentials of making the correct DIY cannabis home tricks, there are two parts that one should fully understand to fully benefit DIY cannabis home tricks that you can create at the comfort of your own home. Those two essential parts are understanding several mediums of marijuana growth and learning proper maintenance techniques for the growth of cannabis plants, which are both crucial for learning the proper tricks.

DIY Cannabis Home Tricks

Below is each part that is detailed below:

Understand Several Mediums of Marijuana Growths

When it comes to growing cannabis in your own home, most experts say that the best way to do it is indoors growing, instead of the usual outdoor growing. The main reason why is that you are able to personally monitor the growth of your cannabis plant in a safe, enclosed environment, unlike the other option wherein you are forced to monitor your cannabis plants from a distance, and mostly leave its condition (and most likely its fate) to the elements that can either benefit or harm the said plant.

The proper way of doing indoor growing is via the Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing process, wherein it involves the roots of the plants you are going on your end are placed in a source of the water directly, mostly a tub or a container that can handle the plants above it.

In this growing method, plants usually grow faster, thanks to the plant being in direct contact with a clean water supply. That supply of water can then be dosed with the needed nutrients the plant needs for its growth. Additionally, this kind of growing method is less on the maintenance side. It is easily accessible to the general public since most of its needed materials and equipment can be found in your home or at your local supermarket/hardware store.

The usual tool to be used on this is a bubble bucket reservoir, wherein the exposed roots are directly submerged to a nutrient solution that is usually highly oxygenated, in the form of water that is inside the bucket, while making sure the temperature of the surrounding air inside the growing area and the water inside the reservoir are in proper temperature level.

Again, the water inside the reservoir is commonly infused with the needed nutrients for the plant to grow properly, in which the water is usually changed within 7 days in order to avoid the roots having an infection called root rot, wherein the roots start to degrade and rot if left submerged in the water for a very long time.

Learning Proper Maintenance Techniques for the Growth of Cannabis Plants

Aside from the various learning growths, there are accompanying techniques that you may do in order for the successful growth of your cannabis plant. Doing the said techniques properly will increase the possible maximum yield that you can harvest during the plant’s harvest season. However, it must be noted that there are specific techniques for each kind of cannabis plant. Therefore, you must first study what type of cannabis plant you have in your growing area. Below are some known techniques for growing your cannabis plant.

Screen of Green (ScrOG)

usually used for a small number of plants or a small growing area or in areas that limit growers to a small plant number, such as Colorado, which has a law limiting the number of plants grown in their backyard/home. This focuses on the available light in one’s growing area by focusing the light on the area via a canopy to distribute the light on the growing area evenly.

Super Cropping

It is usually done for plants nearing their flower blooming stage, usually 1 to 2 weeks beforehand, the said stage of the plant’s growth. This involves the bending of the plant’s stem, wherein it is done in a premeditated manner to break the inside tissues. This will result in a more potent bud after the flowers bloomed and will provide a more significant yield during the harvesting part.

Low-Stress Training (LST)

Unlike Super Cropping, this technique doesn’t hurt the plant by forcefully bending its stem. Instead, it is done via gently bending it and then tying the said stem. Doing so will change the plant’s structure during its growth period, and will result in bigger yields and colas are produced in multiple numbers, instead of the usual one during the normal growth process.

Overall Conclusion

Doing DIYs sometimes can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the exact procedures, but as you have mastered, it becomes easy. As we have seen in this article above, doing your tricks for growing your cannabis plant in your backyard is very easy, once you know the basics on how to do it properly from your end.


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