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How to Make THC Distillate: Marijuana’s Purest Forms

How to Make THC Distillate: Marijuana’s Purest Forms

Do you know how to make THC distillate? The marijuana plant contains at least about 113 cannabinoids. These are the lipids that are the main compounds used and are secreted by the glands of the cannabis plant. They are found mainly around the reproductive organs of the cannabis plant.

One of the main cannabinoids that can be usually found in the cannabis plant is the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short. This cannabinoid is the primary psychoactive compound in the plant responsible for the “high” feeling you get when you consume cannabis.
Fresh cannabis plants contain the tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) or the non-psychoactive version of THC. THC is made when cannabis has been decarboxylated through heating.

What are THC Distillates?

Recently, many countries worldwide have already recognized that cannabis is essential to many people’s everyday lives, whether it is for medical or recreational use. Businesses in the cannabis sector are now flourishing, and still, many more are trying to discover ways on how to make THC distillate in a simple way.

Over time in the cannabis sector, more and more kinds of marijuana-related products are getting sold. The cannabis product of today is becoming more pure with the development of technology.

Distillates are runny oils that are translucent and do not contain any waxes or other residues of the plant matter that have been used. Marijuana distillates are products that contain THC or CBD.

For THC distillates, these products contain only THC compounds from the cannabis plant.
Cannabis distillates are cannabis products with no undesirable matter mixed in. A cannabis derivative only contains the pure preferred cannabinoid and usually doesn’t emit any aroma and doesn’t contain any flavors.

CBD and THC distillates or oils are the standard forms of marijuana distillates you can find on the market today. The labels of the distillates you can see states the dominant cannabinoid it contains.

Many cannabis consumers enjoy taking distillates because of their potency and versatility. They love to take distillates using their dabs, vaporizers, or sometimes mixed edibles, topicals, cannabis-infused beverages, and other cannabis products.

Most cannabis vape cartridges and edibles are made with cannabis distillate as their foundation because cannabis distillates can be infused to other products, as they are oils.

Many kinds of products have sprung up with cannabis at its core, and one of them is THC Distillates. You can also buy the best THC distillate products online from EZ Weed Online dispensary.

How to Make THC Distillates

Unlike other cannabis derivatives, THC distillates can be made without the help of a solvent and the process of how to make THC distillate have four necessary steps; these are:


To start making THC distillates, you have to remove the trichomes from the plant matter. This can be done using physical methods.
The process of physically removing the trichomes from the plant matter is called sieving. This method involves sifting cured cannabis over a beautiful mesh screen. This is also the method for extracting the resin to create hashish.
This method does not require the use of solvents and chemicals.


The second process on how to make THC distillate is called winterization, where the extract of the previous step goes into the purification process to remove contaminants and byproducts.

The impurities such as lipids, waxes, fats, and chlorophyll, which settles at the mixture’s bottom, can be separated in a cold environment. This can be done by placing the mixture from the previous step in a cold environment using ethanol for 48 hours.
The impurities that have been separated from the mixture can be removed by simple filtration, and the leftover ethanol can be removed with a rotary evaporator.


The mixture from the previous step will become a highly concentrated oil. However, the THC is still not present, and instead, the inactive version THCA is still in the mixture. The application of heat to turn THCA into THC is called decarboxylation. This is where the THCA loses its acidic form to turn into the psychoactive compound called THC.

Time and heat are why the THCA begins to change; this starts at 104 C / 220 F.
The carboxylic acid is the reason why fresh cannabis will not make you high. But freeing the cannabinoids from the carboxylic acid will make the cannabinoid freely interact with your cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 that can be found in your body. By binding the cannabinoids in your cannabinoids receptors, you will gain the marijuana’s medical and recreational properties.


The last step on how to make THC distillate is, of course, distillation. This is where the purification process involves steam, heat, and vacuum pressure.

This process will separate the chemical compounds which are still present from the previous mixture to get the concentrated cannabinoid.
In this final process, the terpenes and flavors are removed, leaving only the cannabinoids. This process involves careful, constant monitoring of heat in a vacuum environment to reach the compounds’ specific boiling points. Because reaching the boiling point only using the heat will reduce the distillate’s potency.

The unrefined compounds are separated and can be discarded, leaving only the refined, potent cannabinoids. Sometimes, this process will be repeated many times to reach the optimal potency of the distillate.

At this stage, terpenes and flavonoids are extracted from the mixture, leaving behind the precious cannabinoids. This process requires careful monitoring of heat to reach the compounds’ specific boiling points. Being in a vacuum helps control the temperature of the reaction, therefore minimizing the need for high heat to meet boiling points and potentially reducing the potency of the cannabis distillate. The compounds are separated slowly, and unwanted ones are discarded, leaving a refined collection of potent cannabinoids. Some processes require the mixture to undergo several rounds of distillation to reach optimal potency.

Tips for consuming Distillates

There are many ways to consume THC distillates; the common ones are:


THC distillates are cannabis derivatives, which means you can consume it like any other cannabis derivatives like, wax, shatters, or hash. You can consume it using your dab rigs.


You can consume THC distillates using your vape pens or other vaporizer products.
Because THC distillates have already undergone decarboxylation, you may not also need to heat it again to feel THC’s desired effects.

Final Words

Cannabis THC distillate is one of the purest and cleanest forms of cannabis concentrates. These great THC distillate products can be bought from EZ Weed Online.

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