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Why Do People Smoke Weed?

Why Do People Smoke Weed?

So, why do people smoke weed? When it comes to consuming weed, there are multiple ways to consume it, from using it as ingredients for baked goods known as edibles, up to smoking it with dedicated tools for smoking weed. The latter method has been very popular with cannabis consumers, but why is that the case, and why do people smoke weed in general?

In this article today, we will look into why people smoke weed, the general overview of weed and its benefits, the various ways to consume weed, and where is the best place to buy them.

Weed and Its Health Benefits

Like any form of material, weed has its benefits just like any other when used in moderation. Weed, sometimes called cannabis or marijuana in different locations worldwide, has a bad reputation to various bodies of authorities around the world, no thanks to its history of being sold and purchased as an illegal substance in illegal operations.

However, thanks to the various benefits it provides in the medical field, and the eventual legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use in most states in the United States, and it is fully legal to use in Canada, the bad stigmata of weed as an illegal substance has slowly faded away from the public eyes.

Still, various governing bodies have been formed, along with various rules and regulations created and implemented when it comes to the consumption of weed in general, and into various studies as to why people smoke weed more than other forms of consuming it.
Currently, it has been recorded that weed, in general, has three (3) main benefits, those being medical, recreational, and spiritual. Below is a summary for each benefit:

Medical benefits

Thanks to the components called cannabinoids found in marijuana, various medical benefits have been proven from many studies and research by various medical experts and their corresponding medical institutions worldwide.

Recreational benefits

Aside from medical benefits, in general, cannabis is also known as a recreational medication that targets various mental illnesses and conditions such as depression.

Spiritual benefits

The most surprising benefit of marijuana has been proven with historical records that various civilizations have used marijuana as a conventional drug.

Ways to Consume Weed

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to consume weed. Listed below are some of the ways how one can consume their weed.

● Smoking – as mentioned earlier, this is the standard method of consuming weed. Usage of dedicated smoking tools is usually used for this consumption process.

Edibles – another standard method which is the easiest, and the most popular one. Usually, the weed (in the form of cannabis) is used as an ingredient for baking goods mixed with cannabis, such as space cakes.

● Pills/Capsules say it is the annoying way to consume weed (and cannabis in general) since it looks like just gulping down regular-looking medicine capsules and tablets. But the effects of this consumption process is way different from conventional medicine.

Aside from those three methods mentioned above, there are additional ways to consume weed, such as dabbing, bongs, bowls, bubblers, joints, blunts, tinctures, decarbs, oils, pens, vapes, sprays, drinks, topical creams, transdermal patches, cannabutter, chewing gum, THCA crystals, canna oils, THC soda, simple cannabis syrup, and THC bath soaks.

Smoking Versus Edibles

There are various benefits smoking marijuana can provide than eating it via edibles to its consumers. Listed below are some of those advantages of smoking weed:

1. Immediate effects than ingestion
2. Different effects and reactions to one’s body
3. Has overall control in smoking weed than eating edibles
4. Has overall control over the pacing of their consumption
5. Most expectations in smoking weed are met than eating edibles

Why Do People Smoke Weed

There are various reasons why do people smoke weed instead of using other consumption methods, which are listed below:
● Medical reasons – used to treat various mental conditions and illnesses, such as depression and insomnia.
● Spiritual usage – as mentioned earlier, used for ceremonial rituals by various religious groups around the world.
● In conjunction with medical reasons mentioned earlier, stress relief is usually used to alleviate various symptoms and effects of other illnesses such as cancer.
● Social use due to peer pressure – as its name suggests, users began smoking weed to get in the crowd using it.
● To get high via THC – the other primary purpose of smoking weed, get the said “high” via smoking methods.
● Those are the most common reasons why people started to smoke weed in their end.

The Best Cannabis Dispensary to Buy Weed

Now that we have tackled why smoking weed is much better for you, the next question would be where to buy your weed needs? Fear not, as we have the best and perfect online cannabis dispensary that you can purchase from EZ Weed Online.

At EZ Weed Online, we assure you that you will get the highest quality cannabis that you can find in our online catalog. We have all your needs for your smoking consumption, from concentrates and flowers that you can use for your smoking needs, to the various tools required for smoking weed.

Additionally, we also have other forms of weeds that you can consume, such as edibles, shrooms, tinctures, vapes, CBD, and pre-rolls. We provide lots of promos and discounts that can be used both by new and returning customers on our website.
Furthermore, we provide free shipping for all orders above $149, and we only charge a $20 shipping charge for orders below $149, in a discreet, private package sent through CanadaPost.

Overall Conclusion

As we have seen above, various medical, recreational, and spiritual benefits one can reap from smoking weed, instead of consuming it via other methods like eating edibles. Additionally, it has been proven that smoking weed is the best consumption method of cannabis from other consumption methods.


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