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Marijuana Consumption 101: What You Should Know

Marijuana Consumption 101: What You Should Know

Reading our marijuana consumption 101 guide will be a big help to give you a better understanding of how to consume marijuana and what its benefits are to your health. Read on to know more about this amazing plant and how to take it safely.

The first thing that we should know before we begin to understand marijuana consumption 101 is that it is very important to know well about the main purpose of the cannabis plant and its track concerning its legalization. Cannabis began with Drug prohibition in 1908 with the Opium Act in Canada. Marijuana is now legally allowed for medical and recreational uses without any violations in law. Medicinal use of cannabis was legalized on July 30, 2001, under the conditions of ” Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.” After medical cannabis has been legally privileged, Canada announced that recreational marijuana was no longer a contradiction for criminal law starting on October 17, 2018.

For the beginner who does not have an idea about what and how marijuana works, here is it. Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, stems, flowers from the cannabis plant. The plant consists of chemicals which give beneficial effects to our mind and body. These chemicals are known as THC, CBD, and other similar compounds.

Knowing the process of marijuana makes it easier for you to understand marijuana consumption 101. You should determine the uses and benefits of marijuana before consuming it. Marijuana has different types of strains that have different effects on both body and mind. Some have used it for medical purposes, and others used it for recreational purposes. As every strain has its unique properties, it is best to identify them and how they are consumed properly so that they will help you make your life better and comfortable. We all know that most marijuana users consume marijuana due to some illnesses and also mental health issues. Having the right consumption of marijuana is a good thing to keep in mind.

How is marijuana consumed?

Marijuana consumption 101 will help you know how much marijuana you will need to consume and that benefits your overall needs. There are a lot of marijuana users nowadays who consume a higher amount of marijuana than the recommended dose. Most of them can feel overdose due to their consumption. It is best to have the right idea of what the required amount of marijuana is that will be needed for your safety and will also benefit your health.

There are four main ways on how to ingest cannabis, and it includes inhalation, oral, sublingual, and topical. Each method has a uniqueness to its characteristics that makes it more appropriate for the consumers. Here is an overview of the various ways of ingesting marijuana and its benefits.


It is the quickest way of consumption for the consumer. Most users prefer using it in this way because it is usually a common way. When users inhale it, the chemicals, also known as the cannabinoids, will go through the entire body and to the lungs straight into the bloodstream. The effect of inhalation is faster. Those people who have used marijuana for medical purposes have found that this route is more effective, like when you use an inhaler as your medication. People who take the pot in this way say that you may experience the effects within minutes after consumption. Another benefit of inhalation is the power to control doses, making it less likely to overconsume.

There are two methods in which an individual can inhale marijuana; it can either be through smoking or vaporizing it. For smoking, the process includes burning the flowers and then inhaling the active compounds from the marijuana plant which goes by when smoking. Vaporization happens most likely the same way, but in this way, the plant is not burned, but is heated so that the active chemicals in the plant are being spread into the air and can be inhaled by the users.

Oral consumption

Marijuana can also be consumed orally in the form of edibles, capsules, or oils. The effects may slowly happen, and the results are more potent and may last longer than inhalation. People who consume marijuana through the oral route usually feel the effects within thirty minutes or more. If the effects take place for around two hours, they will last longer. During the ingestion process, the cannabinoids go through a chemical approach that makes them more powerful. Also, when it is ingested orally, none of the product is left on the rolling paper. Most medical users prefer this way because the effects take longer for chronic pain, and they don’t need to consume as often as possible. However, marijuana that is ingested orally is difficult to control in terms of its dosage due to the increased time effect at the beginning.

Sublingual consumption

When consumed this way, marijuana components also go through the bloodstream, especially when it is placed under the tongue. The mouth has a lot of blood vessels that can absorb cannabinoids. Sublingual sprays or tablets may also be used.

Topical consumption

It is a way of consuming marijuana by applying it to the skin. These ways are in the form of lotions, bath salts, and oils that are applied throughout the skin for some reason. The skin’s surface can absorb cannabinoids, which stay in our skin and work to lessen the pain experienced by the body. This method is common with experienced users because it works well on reducing pain like arthritis. This method is also non-psychoactive, or it doesn’t affect your brain. The effects of a topical application can last for more than two hours.
When it comes to marijuana consumption 101, you now have a wide selection of products as compared to before. This makes it hard for users to determine the best way, especially that there are new and great ways of consuming marijuana. So, the best way of consuming cannabis depends on consumers’ wants, convenience, price, strength of dose, and its health effects.

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