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What Is Cannabis Shatter?

What Is Cannabis Shatter?

What is cannabis shatter? Cannabis shatter is a type of extract from marijuana that closely resembles the texture and appearance of translucent glass and similarly breaks and shatters like it. It is known as one of the more eye-catching marijuana products available in the market and is known by other names such as shatter weed and shatter wax.

Shatter’s coloring ranges from a dark yellowish shade similar to olive oil to bright amber, and its consistency can be very brittle to elastic and taffy-like. It’s famous for having high levels of THC and a concentrated, potent dose of CBD and is mainly aimed toward users who want to benefit from its therapeutic and medicinal properties while doing away with THC’s intoxicating effects.

What is Cannabis Shatter: A Guide

Traditionally, shatter is used by dabbing, which is the usual method with many other extracts from marijuana. Shatter is “dabbed” using specialized equipment such as a dab rig that looks like a water pipe or from a vape pen. When using a vape pen, it’s essential to use one that’s specially designed for use with marijuana products. These have an atomizer that can quickly vaporize cannabis shatter. Add the cannabis shatter to the specially designed vape’s heating chamber, and you then inhale the vapors from the vape mouthpiece as the shatter evaporates from the atomizer’s heat. Another way of dabbing is by placing pieces of shatter on a hot surface, examples of which are a bucket made of quartz or a nail made of ceramic. As the shatter vaporizes, you inhale it using the dab water chamber from the dab rig.

How To Store And Keep Shatter’s Potency

Many factors can cause cannabis shatter’s THC content to break down and lose its potency. Some of these are excessive light and heat, humidity, as well as moisture. It is highly advised to store cannabis shatter in a cool (even cold), dark, and dry place.
First off, to avoid any oils and bacteria from spoiling, as well as keep the cannabis shatter as pure and clean as possible, it should always be handled with parchment paper or gloves and placed on a non-stick surface. This is to avoid wasting the sticky residues that tend to remain when cannabis shatter is picked up.

When exposed to heat or kept at room temperature, it will rapidly start to soften and change into a budder. To avoid this from happening, cannabis shatter should be stored in an airtight container and situated in a cold, dark environment. Make use of non-stick containers specially designed for shatter, wax, crumble, and other marijuana concentrates. Another combination that can be used is an airtight glass jar and parchment paper to prevent the cannabis shatter from sticking to the glass.

Cannabis shatter that’s appropriately stored in a silicone container placed in a cool, dark place can last up to a couple of weeks while alternatively, you can also freeze it and keep your cannabis shatter last up to several months.

If you decide to go the freezer storage route, it’s best to separate each dab with parchment paper before freezing and also for the convenience of easy portioning. Be warned that condensation can cause problems with freezing cannabis shatter as the moisture will cause the shatter to break down more rapidly. Make sure to wipe the storage container completely dry to prevent condensation from forming.

Short term shatter storage – up to a week – short term storage doesn’t require much effort, and if you have no plans to extend cannabis shatter usage for months, you will do just fine storing it within a silicone container. Just be sure to choose a non-transparent silicone container and place it somewhere cool, dark and dry.

Midterm shatter storage – up to a month – storing cannabis shatter for longer mid-term will require more effort. The items you’ll need are a zip lock bag, glass container, and non-stick paper which usually comes with it. Use the non-stick paper to wrap the cannabis shatter, place it inside the zip lock bag, and then into the glass container, preferably an airtight mason jar, and put it somewhere that’s cool, dark and dry.

Long-term storage – up to several months – While it’s not highly recommended, the best long-term storage option is to store the cannabis shatter in the freezer but beware because it comes with a price since you risk exposure to humidity that have above the average possibility of degrading, and even the loss of the cannabis shatter flavor and potency.

Freezing as a storage option will need the same things as mid-term storage – a zip lock bag, non-stick paper, and an airtight glass jar. Be advised against labeling the shatter’s name and a date on each pack, so you’re not left wondering what’s in it when you thaw it much later and thaw the cannabis shatter gradually to prevent it from degrading.

How Long Does Shatter Normally Take to Purge?

To thoroughly purge cannabis shatter, the process can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours at -29 inches of mercury (inHg) of pressure, lower pressures and temperatures that range between 29.44 to 37.77 Celsius or 85 to 100 Fahrenheit, along with the absence of agitation, which will give shatter its trademark glassy appearance.

Where Can We Buy Shatter?

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So what is cannabis shatter? To sum it all up; cannabis shatter is a glassy, translucent marijuana concentrate extract that’s used mainly for medical and therapeutic reasons and used traditionally by dabbing. It can be stored from a week short term to months in the long run.
Shatter can be bought online and delivered discreetly to your doorstep at EZW, Canada’s most trusted cannabis dispensary!


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