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Racism in Cannabis Dispensaries

Racism in Cannabis Dispensaries

Racism in cannabis dispensaries has quickly become fundamental in the industry. The call for cannabis amnesty in Canada as they go towards legalization day has become more progressive due to the idea of why Canadians are punished with criminal records for something that is not considered a crime. One thing that cannot be ignored is when bias and abuse of power occurs. Weak enforcement of laws has been one of the considered great injustices in Canada. Black Canadians are reportedly more likely arrested than white Canadians.

The United States has been improving the use of cannabis equity to help reduce the unequal damage caused by racism in cannabis dispensaries or drug wars because of race and color as it helps the most affected communities by anti-pot laws to have an equal playing field in the industry.

Meanwhile, Canada, despite the racism in cannabis dispensaries and inequities playing in the justice system, does not follow the United States. Although there is still time for starting a cannabis equity program to lessen the effects of racism in cannabis dispensaries, slowly making up the past and slowly bringing equality to Canada’s cannabis dispensaries can be a great way of reducing the impact of racism in cannabis dispensaries.

Racism around the world

What is racism? Racism is any action or belief that is reflected by racial differences and human’s ideology of being divided into races. These human ideologies say that identity is different and people are separated by their physical appearance, color, culture, and other things like behavior, traits, personality, and the like. Racism occurs when people think that other races are superior, and others are easily bullied.

There are policies implemented that now cause discrimination, persecution, and murder by the Nazi Party in 1933. This builds the thought that races should be separated from one another and that each should have its unique churches, schools, and hospitals.
The idea of racism was invented because of the difference between color, such as people who were white are considered superior, and the black people from African ancestors were considered slaves by the Americans.

In many countries, societies often think people are designated to a higher or lower status. Those who were on top are used to being the ones who are enslaving the people who are on the lower state. Even though independence has been granted to nations, the idea of racism has been brought up by people and still applies it to their lives nowadays.

As we observe in the world right now, racism only brings hatred and distrust to each other’s race. But on a lighter note, some nations have realized that racism is wrong, that’s why they have come up to move away from racism, and they began to combat the racist beliefs and turn away from their wrongdoings. Some even promote human uplifting in public places to make everyone realize how bad it would affect the world if people continue to discriminate against other people by their race.

Racism in cannabis dispensaries

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has surfaced on the internet in the last few days because of the death of an innocent person who has been convicted and choked to death and who has been accused of something he did not commit. Still, racism has been the most valid reason he was choked to death by some policemen.

The hashtag has been made to build on the pain and death of those innocent African American men. Racism in the cannabis industry has been notorious nowadays, and black people are convicted more often than white people. Racism in cannabis dispensaries is found to be prevalent across the industry, and it is also intolerable. You can quickly point out how whitewashed cannabis dispensaries are, from their owners to their staff members, are white men.

There is a survey conducted by Marijuana Business Daily that shows racism in cannabis dispensaries. They have found out that only 4.3% of cannabis dispensary owners are black, and Americans own the rest. Legal cannabis dispensaries stand guilty of whitewashing black people out of their sight.

This racism in cannabis dispensaries started in 1930, where Harry Anslinger invented to demonize black and brown communities that reasonably do not have legal bases or evidence. While this thought continues to grow into people’s minds, it caused the continuous war on drugs. People who are greatly affected by these discriminations should be free from these injustices, and cannabis dispensaries and communities should have implemented positive changes in these beliefs.

Cannabis is for everyone.

As racism in cannabis dispensaries continues, we should take action to help lessen these issues. The black community needs support and fair justice to decrease innocent deaths caused by these discriminations.

White people should be more educated to be an anti-racist to have a peaceful life for everyone. As to cannabis purchasing, black people should have equal service received like white people. They are also people. Everyone should eradicate the thought that black people are harmful. All people are unhealthy in their kind of ways, but you do not judge them just because of the way they look.


What should we do to help lessen racism in cannabis dispensaries? We need to have diversity equal to everyone regardless of race or color. Everyone is entitled to their cannabis purchases, not because they are black; they only belong to a low-level kind of life. No. everyone should be fair to everyone.

We only need ourselves to lift everyone and we don’t need to bring down everyone just because we don’t like where they are from, or what they look, or what race they belong to. We must resist injustice and build a future that has equal human rights and equality. Together we can get rid of racism from the world.

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