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Top 10 Indica Strains

Top 10 Indica Strains

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Top 10 Indica Strains

Indica Strains are known for their relaxing and physical high vs the cerebral and energizing effects of Sativa. Indica’s are more common in dispensaries and a favourite among seasoned smokers. Often believed to be stronger than Sativa strains, this is not always the case. Different Indica strains can have varying effects from relaxation and happiness, to making you drowsy, tired and couch locked. On top of that everyones body reacts differently.

Here’s Our Top 10 Indica Strains

We’ve compiled our Top 10 Indica strains to get you started on your journey with Indica’s.

Girls Scout Cookies Product photo

Cookiez is a flavourful bud, named for its cookie like taste with notes of cherry and lemons, coupled with sweet vanilla and spice aromas. You’ll experience a balanced high that is euphoric and mood elevating coupled with body high. Great if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, pain or depression.

Purple God
Purple God Flower Product Photo

Purple God is one of the more rare Indica dominant hybrid strains. Purple God has a fruity grape and spice flavour. It carries a super strong 31-32% THC level and effects that last a long time. Need help falling asleep, or looking to chill out after a hard days work? Purple God is what you’re looking for. Initial high starts with lifted effects, relaxation ultimately leading couch lock.

Dank Sinatra
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Dank Sinatra named after the famous singer is a super potent bud with a 33% THC level. You’ll taste light citrus tones with an earthy aftertaste and a super dank smell that will coat any room. We would recommend this for more experienced users. Dank Sinatra effects start with a cerebral lift, followed by a boost in mood before you get overcome with laziness. Your thoughts will be racing, meanwhile your body will be kicking back in to a deep haze of relaxation and sleepiness. You’ll feel a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Cement Shoes
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If you are searching for a full body high to keep you planted on sofa for hours, as if stuck in cement, you’re looking for Cement Shoes. Cement Shoes has flavor notes of sweet berries, lemon and nuts, and earthy and citrus aromas. Effects start with happiness and calm, followed a tingling sensation across your body leaving you super relaxed and heavy feeling while feeling blissful.

Presidential Pink
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Presidential Pink is calming, mood elevating and also gives you some serious munchies. Great if you have anxiety, low mood, sleeplessness or lack of appetite.  Sweet Vanilla and diesel flavours are accompanied by Earthy, floral and sweet vanilla aromas.

Pink Bubba
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Pink Bubba is known for its beautiful looking mint green color and orange hairs with pink undertones. Pink Bubba has a nice flowery, sweet pine flavour. Effects are uplifting, relaxing, leaving users close to full on couch locked.

The Candy
Buy The Candy by BC Growlord EZ Weed Online

The Candy tastes like sweet vanilla, earthy nuts and creamy butter. It smells amazing with aromas of sweet nutty party and vanilla. You’ll experience a full on body high, relaxation and a long lasting overall calmness. Recommended for evening use as you’ll be couch locked for a long time.

MK Ultra
MK Ultra Flower Photo

MK Ultra is known for its ridiculously strong cerebral effects. You’ll experience a sweet, woody pine flavour. Some users say the aroma is strong and strange. Almost chemical like but kind of sweet. MK Ultra is great for relaxing and insomnia you will feel drowsy while using.

OG Shark
Buy OG Shark by Enigma Extracts EZ Weed Online

Shark OG offers a flavourful sweet blueberry flavour, and earthy berry aromas. Effects are well balanced, you will feel happy, euphoric and relaxed. You’ll feel inspiration but not weighed down or sleepy.

El Chapo
Buy El Chapo OG EZ Weed Online

El Chapo OG is sweet and lemony tasting, with a sweet lemon and pine aroma. El Chapo OG offers a potent high that is cerebral and mood elevating, eventually leading to sedation. Great for night time usage.

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