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Buy Weed Online in Ottawa

Buy Weed Online in Ottawa

Buy Weed Online in Ottawa EZ Weed Online

Buying Marijuana Online in Ottawa

Canada’s capital city Ottawa is not only a beautiful place to live but as of April 2019, if you were over the age of 19, you were legally allowed to walk into a licenced store and buy marijuana and cannabis products. With limited selection and high prices, more and more Canadians are starting to shift their shopping practices and buy their weed online. 

Not only was having a larger selection with lower prices a draw to the online shopping community but having your products discreetly delivered to your front door became a stress free experience when it came to both purchasing and enjoying your bud. 

So, where do you buy your weed online in Ottawa? Here’s the EZWeed Online guide to buying marijuana in Ottawa.

Marijuana Laws in Ottawa

In Canada, marijuana officially became legal in October of 2018, meaning legal adults all across our country were now able to freely purchase and enjoy all types of cannabis products. With proof of a valid identification you can easily purchase and consume all of your chosen marijuana products bought either from an online or from a brick and mortar store. 

In Ottawa, you also have the added benefit of being able to grow up to 4 active plants either indoors or outdoors as long as the plants are out of the view of the public and safely away from children. Smoking your marijuana is also legal in certain public spaces such sidewalks, parks and pot lounges as long as you are not in your vehicle and you’re far away from schools and minors. 

How to Buy from EZWeed Online in Ottawa

There are more stores starting to pop up in various locations within the city of Ottawa but many consumers prefer to buy their weed online. It’s convenient, safe, legal and gives you access to a massive range of products at a much lower price.

Not only are there no lineups to contend with but you can take your time and read the product descriptions and real reviews submitted by real customers before checking out the purchase in your cart.

It’s simple to create a profile and register on EZWeed Online. This will allow you to shop all of our different concentrates, yummy edibles, flower strains, topicals, tinctures and more for an easy check out experience, low prices, right to your front door. 

Your package will be delivered discreetly, safely and securely. Buying cannabis from EZWeed Online has revolutionized shopping for cannabis and dried flower products by eliminating costly overhead while maintaining the highest quality products available anywhere. 

Why Buy from EZWeed Online in Ottawa?

Buying online has so many more advantages over the traditional method of buying in person. You instantly eliminate long line ups, high prices, limited selection and the pressure to purchase. By getting your cannabis from EZWeed Online you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the comfort of your own home, on your own time. 

It’s legal, easy, and a hassle-free way to have your marijuan products delivered right to your front door. With just a few simple clicks, you can read real reviews, buy in bulk to save money, discover new products, check out descriptions and make sure you are getting the best products for your personal needs.

Is It Safe to Buy from EZWeed Online in Ottawa?

Absolutely. Not only is it safe, it’s perfectly legal. Once verification has been made that you are legally of age to buy and consume marijuana products, in the form of a photo I.D., you are on your way to exploring the wonderful world of cannabis strains and products. 

We take great pride in protecting your privacy by sending our goods out in smell proof, discreet packaging that is designed to keep all of our products fresh, safe and in maximum quality. 


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