2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

Deck the halls with marijuana, falalalala lalalala!
‘Tis the season to reach nirvana, falalalala lalalala!

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the prime time to begin checking off gifts for your favourite pals and cannabis-enthusiastic loved ones. Whether smoked, sipped, ingested or applied, whichever way your special someone enjoys consuming, we’ve hand-picked this year’s best gifts to make their holidays extra merry.

For Connoisseurs of Craft Cannabis

Craft cannabis is comprised of the highest quality AAAA+ grade strains. Generally, craft flowers are cultivated by small growers with specialized farming techniques that are not easily replicated on a larger scale. As a result of such detailed care and attention, the aromas, colours and potency of craft cannabis are irrefutably superior. 


EZ Weed Pick: A euphoric high followed by eventual relaxation with White Walker Bubba by CleanerMeds


What They’ll Love: Your beloved gift recipient will go gaga for the earthy yet sweet aroma reminiscent of cocoa and maple syrup – it’s like smoking a kush dessert. This bud gives a tantalizing caramel smoke upon exhale and an uplifting cerebral high. Indica-dominant and ultimately sedative, this potent Bubba is best enjoyed in the evening.


5 Star Review: “Literally have searched for years for a strain like this. I’m an everyday smoker of over 20 years/medical cannabis user. I’m beyond happy. The genetics are incredible. Don’t hesitate to order!!!” – (blazed.not.confused)

Price: $80.00 – $280.00

For Lovers of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been utilized for centuries throughout medicinal and recreational communities worldwide. More recently, studies are demonstrating how shrooms can be purposefully adapted as an alternate therapy for anxiety, depression and PTSD. 


EZ Weed Pick: Restore the mind and spirit, and reconnect with nature with Golden Teachers 


What They’ll Love: A mushroom strain highly sought after by seasoned shroomers for its spiritually enlightening effects and sensations, Golden Teachers are also known to deliver a reliable trip. Recognized as a classic gateway shroom, this is the perfect gift for those dipping their toes into the world of psychedelics.


5 Star Review: “Didn’t need much to laugh, enjoying a bubbly vibe and an amazing relaxing sleep!!!” (revelate2020)

Price: $25.00 – $80.00

For Self-Care & CBD Wellness Buffs


Cannabidiol (CBD) occurs naturally in marijuana plants and, unlike THC, is not psychoactive and will not deliver a high. CBD products, such as beverages, tinctures and topicals, are convenient and accessible forms that offer users an array of calming benefits, including reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, chronic pain and insomnia.


EZ Weed Pick: A better night’s sleep and pain relief with Fortune Kushies CBD Tincture


What They’ll Love: With just a few drops in their food or drink, the health and wellness buff in your life will appreciate and experience immediate relief. A stocking stuffer that is thoughtful and generous, this lab-tested tincture contains 99% pure CBD concentrate and offers your loved ones a natural solution for both physical and psychological ailments.


5 Star Review: “I love taking CBD. It helps me sleep at night and is effective for any pain. I prefer taking it in a tincture cause I like to put it in my coffee and it doesn’t change the taste.” – (Babyteeks)

Price: $70.00

Part 2 of our 2022 EZ Weed Holiday Gift Guide is coming soon and will be filled to the brim with our very best product picks. With discreet shipping and delivery, tried and trusted brands, and holiday sales galore, let us take the stress out of Christmas shopping as our gift to you.