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The 5 Love Languages (of EZ Weed)

The 5 Love Languages (of EZ Weed)

“The premise is quite simple: different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways.” –

Let our dedicated team match your love languages with our carefully curated year-round quality cannabis products, thoughtful services and a satisfaction guarantee for you this shopping season.

Today we share our take on the ‘Five Love Languages’ – with an EZ Weed twist. 

1. Words of Affirmation – from Real Humans

Our supportive team is dedicated to affirming your preferences and choices, whatever they may be. We appreciate that you know what you like and dislike and are always game to try new strains and unusual edibles. We also understand that sometimes you need to communicate with a real human being.

  • That’s why our Live Chat is convenient and accessible no matter where on the website you are.
  • That’s why all of our products have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the reason our team is just a click away.

2. Acts of Service – Both On & Offline

Actions speak louder than words when we want to show you how much we care for and appreciate you. Online, we take action by rewarding you generously and often. Offline, we allow our trusted brands and products to do their magic. We strive to amplify your experiences – whether medicinal or recreational, novice or seasoned – by delivering both tangible and intangible outcomes.

  • Our hand-chosen cannabis flowers, strains, concentrates and edibles have the potency to uplift you into a headspace of creativity and euphoria, focus and energy, and leave you feeling giggly and utterly relaxed.
  • Enjoy generous EZ Weed store credit when you refer a friend, and redeemable rewards point with every purchase.

3. Gifts – All. Year. Round.

Meaningful, deliberate, hand-selected gifts are ideal for those with this type of love language.
In EZ Weed lingo, our interpretation of this translates into the dankest deals and fresh, new products all year round. From buy-more-save-more discounts applied automatically at check-out, to complimentary gifts for account holders, here are a few more of our current perks just for you:

  • Mix & Match your favourite cannabis combos, shroom packs, shatter and live resins.
  • Sale items are updated regularly for your enjoyment.
  • New Arrivals come in fresh and hand-picked every week.

4. Quality Time – in the Comfort of Your Home

Focused and undivided attention is fundamental for those who speak quality time.
Irrefutably, our MVP (most valuable products) in this arena are Sativa-centric weed strains. By eliminating the distractions and interferences of phones, TVs and other modern-day stimulants, you can finally delve into true quality time, thanks to such strains. Independently or shared with loved ones, the right products can take you:

  • Soaring up into the stratosphere, with pulsing cerebral highs that are both relaxing for your body and calming for your mind.
  • On an energizing journey, reducing anxiety and promoting productivity and creativity.

5. Physical Touch – via Quality Cannabis

Customarily, physical touch is a form of appreciation communicated with hugs, kisses, cuddles and hand-holding, and, at its essence, the deep, comforting warmth that accompanies.
Our CBD products and Indica-dominant strains and hybrids embody this all-encompassing, warm embrace and here’s how:

  • By reducing bodily pains and nausea, minimizing seizures, and soothing headaches and migraines.
  • By alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, stress and anxiety, insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • By spreading relaxation and calm from head to toe.

Whether you receive or give love and appreciation through meaningful gifts or physical sensations that relax your whole being, we endeavour to speak your language today and every day. 

Particularly this gift-giving season, we invite you to spread the EZ Weed love. Have a conversation via Live Chat, spend quality time with your favourite flower, bask in our deals and complimentary gifts, and share the good times ahead with friends and family referrals.