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Ganja-Infused & Gratitude-Filled Ideas for Thanksgiving Weekend

Ganja-Infused & Gratitude-Filled Ideas for Thanksgiving Weekend

The sun is setting sooner; tree leaves are blending into autumnal reds, yellows and oranges; pumpkin-spiced concoctions are making their way onto coffee shop menus left, right and centre. You know what that means – Thanksgiving is just around the corner.


Whether you are returning home for Thanksgiving, hosting a Friendsgiving potluck, or joining a full-on Danksgiving weekend away, the most important theme to remember is one of gratitude. What better way to express thanks and appreciation than through giggly quality time together, an indulgent feast paired with seasonal libations, and dozing into a relaxing THC x tryptophan-induced nap side-by-side on the couch?


Get creative this holiday and share our ganja-infused ideas with the ones you are most grateful for in life. With the best long weekend weed deals in Canada – courtesy of your friends here at EZ Weed Online – 2022 is the year to introduce dank new annual traditions.

Nature Walk: Kush Meets Quality Time

Deepen your bond with cousins, friends and even your parents (if they are inclined) on a nature walk accompanied by a fresh joint or two. While enjoying the crisp fall air and some high-quality cannabis, you’ll also be building up a hearty appetite for one of the largest meals of the year. Call it the Annual Weed Walk or the Sneaky Smoke Sesh; one thing’s for sure – you’ll return home together with a mutual sense of calm and blissful euphoria.

EZ Weed’s Budget Ounces ensure affordability matches the quality, flavours and aromas of our flowers – from Pink Panties pungent and earthy sour berry bouquet to Pineapple Tart’s citrusy exhale. If you are worried about your breath, we suggest bringing cinnamon gum or mints, as the spice fittingly matches the dinner menu. Speaking of food, if you are a fan of culinary cannabis, read on. If this is the first you are hearing of the cuisine, well, read on!

On The Menu: Cannabutter-Infused Everything

Even before the legalization of weed, cannabis-infused recipes were being invented and experimented with in the kitchen. What inspires even more fun are jolly holiday themes, namely the gastronomically indulgent occasion of Thanksgiving. Thankfully (no pun intended), butter is a staple in many a decadent dish, and lucky for us, cannabutter is no new phenomenon. Cooking with cannabutter ensures the desired outcome is delivered correctly, as it is not as straightforward as simply sprinkling special herbs on your potatoes.

With EZ Weed’s discreet weed delivery throughout Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and even Quebec, you can stay in the comfort of your warm home while whipping up this 7-step cannabutter. Incorporate this magical ingredient in Cannabis Now’s scrumptious canna-mashed spuds & stoner stuffing. If you’re on dessert duty, try The Cannabist’s triple-infused pumpkin pie – that’s cannabutter in the crust, pie filling and luscious whipped cream.

Recline & Relax: Heavenly After-Dinner Drinks

Who doesn’t appreciate a warm libation on a cold fall evening? Cannabis-infused cocktails, mocktails and mixable beverages have been on the rise in recent years, giving consumers more options than ever before and mobilizing some of the best weed deals in Canada. Think of the following few recipes as psychoactive digestifs or nightcaps where you get to play bartender and barista.

This long weekend is the perfect occasion to mix it up with L.A. journalist Michelle Lhooq’s hot honey “elixir” featuring vodka and, of course, decarbed weed. Steamy and soothing, all that’s left to do is curl up on your favourite spot on the couch and relax. If you prefer a hot mug sans alcohol, Where’s Weed’s pumpkin spice weed latte hits all the right spots. Now kick up your feet, recline your seat, and let the tryptophan x THC medley do the rest.

Preparation is Key

Don’t forget the weed! We repeat: don’t forget the weed!
(Also, here’s a kind remember to be courteous and prepare labels for any dishes that may contain the good ol’ ganja for guests who may not wish to partake.)

We’ve got you covered for, in our opinion, the most crucial ingredient in this holiday’s nature walk and dinner and drinks menu. Make the most of EZ Weed’s Thanksgiving weed deals, Budget Ounces and Buy More, Save More promotion. Enjoy our discreet weed shipping in Canada, delivered within a matter of days by Xpresspost directly to your doorstep.

From our family to yours, have a safe, happy and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!


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