Affordable Weed Strains for Self-Care, Stress Relief & Better Sleep

There is no doubt that we are living in a world that expects a lot. With expectations to efficiently balance it all (with a smile, no less) – from professional demands to social media upkeep, to carving out time for friends, family, fitness, and more – there is little time left for self-care. It’s no surprise then that we believe these moments of pause should be healing, rejuvenating and intentional. This article is a kind little nudge, a reminder that it is totally okay to take a step back and give your body, mind and spirit the care they’ve been yearning for.

Did you know that you are not alone in enduring chronic pains, depression, anxiety, insomnia or stress? We understand how hard it can be at times just struggling to fall asleep. Whether it’s relentless mental whirlwinds or unforgiving backaches keeping you up, we realize that tossing and turning in the dark is not easy.

Psst, we have a solution. Allow us to offer you a boost of cheer, pain relief, and relaxation; in other words: access to deep, sedative and wholesome rest via 4 purposefully chosen flowers.

Read on and discover 4 hand-picked, affordable and cheerful budget ounces featuring some of the best buds for insomnia. Why? Because you’re worth it. (Also, because we don’t want you to miss our summer weed sale and Labour Day sale*!)

1. Sweet & Citrusy Ghost OG

The magnificent crossing of Afghani Indica X OG Kush has gifted us with Ghost OG. This beautifully colourful bud is a recipe for relaxation, with its 70% Indica dominance and moderately high THC levels. Brimming with a lemony-lime citrus aroma that is hard to ignore, this bud serves orange citrus flavours to match.
Close your eyes. Imagine a long, deep toke of Ghost OG. What comes next is an instant sense of calm washing over you, followed by an uplifted mood and immediate relief from the anxiety, stress or depression you may be experiencing. Physically, pains such as arthritis and headaches are further relieved.

Ideal for the evening, it’s time to lie back and relax with a sleepy smile, courtesy of Ghost OG.

2. Pine & Earthy Coastal OG

Our next strain, also highly effective for medicinal treatment and self-care, is Coastal OG, AKA ‘Lost Coast OG’. This 60:40 indica:sativa flower is an exciting cross of Chemdawg 4 X Pakistani Kush X Lemon Thai strains. Musky and sweet with a lingering aftertaste of pine, the earthiness of this hybrid’s aroma is far from subtle.

After a full day of stress-loaded work, or long hours spent in the sweltering summer heat, unwind your body and unfurl your mind with Coastal OG. As the dense nugs burn, expect euphoric and uplifting effects paired with wholesome happiness. Another excellent strain to keep close by if you experience chronic pain, insomnia, stress or depression.

A bud for the end of the day, Coastal OG is a companion you can rely on to provide head-to-toe relaxation. 

3. Tropical & Tangy Fruit Punch

What happens when you cross Skunk X Haze X Northern Lights strains? You get an irresistible flower we call Fruit Punch. A hybrid on the list that boasts a sativa dominance of 70%, this bright green bud showcases a delectably tropical flavour with every berry and citrus fruit-filled toke.

If euphoric effects and motivational results are what you’re after, Fruit Punch goes above and beyond the ordinary. A remedy for treating PTSD and chronic pain and fatigue, the high THC levels (18-25% average) lift you up into a blissful and unfocused cerebral high. Kick off your afternoons de-stressed, more motivated and downright happy with some delightful Fruit Punch.

4. Pungent & Spicy Skywalker OG

Our most indica-dominant strain on the list, at a proud 85%, Skywalker OG is a powerful cross between Skywalker X OG Kush strains. Expect heightened THC levels averaging between 20-25% and spicy flavours blended harmoniously with notes of diesel and herbs.

Relax to the point of lethargy as you open yourself up to our potent pal, Skywalker OG. Begin with an incredibly euphoric high that progressively carries you into the deepest, most restful slumber. This final flower is ideal for relieving and medicinally treating pains due to injury or illness, and even moderate cases of depression and PTSD. Take a moonlit walk with Skywalker OG, your trusty new friend.

Because You’re Worth It

We hope you discovered the right remedies for your life’s chronic stressors within our article. If not, our friendly team is dedicated to helping you find the best cannabis products, BC bud and medicinal weed for your needs.

Whether you have been seeking an effective treatment for mental health struggles, relief from physical pains, or you just really really need to chill out, our cheap weed and affordable budget ounces are an excellent place to start. 

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